Turkish Tourism Appoints WEILL for Public Relations

by | Jan 18, 2022

The Turkish Culture and Tourism Board has appointed WEILL (Geoffrey Weill Associates) to manage its public relations activities in the United States.

“We are deeply honored by this appointment,” says Geoffrey Weill, “as Türkiye (Turkey) is one of the world’s most spectacular travel destinations, and our goal is to help increase brand awareness of the name ‘Türkiye’ among American travelers. I have been traveling to Türkiye since the 1980s, and each time I return, I am more and more enthralled.”

Some of Türkiye’s most prominent tourism destinations include: the enchanting city of Istanbul; the Aegean coast — one of Türkiye’s most chic resort regions; the Black Sea coast with its highlands of unspoiled nature; Cappadocia with its unique and curious landscape of fairy chimneys; and Antalya, the leading Turkish hub for resort vacations, as well as a sustainable golf tourism destination.

WEILL’s brief will include promoting the historically rich country in the United States. Moreover, WEILL will reinforce the message that Istanbul — in addition to being home to a diverse population, and the world’s only city straddling two continents — is ‘the Capital of Cool.’ “We will also be widening Americans’ knowledge not only of sites and vistas, but of Turkish culture, cuisine and art,” Weill added.

In 2019, 580,000 Americans visited Türkiye, and the country ranked 6th in the world with 52.2 million visitors. While tourism to all countries has been devastated by the coronavirus pandemic, tourism to Türkiye recovered significantly in 2021, with some 30 million visitors. Türkiye also sees significant encouraging signs for 2022 and beyond.

One of the world’s most unique reactions to the pandemic has been Türkiye’s Safe Tourism Certification Program, which defines and enforces an extensive series of measures with regards to transportation and accommodation, both for travelers and for those working in the tourism industry.  The program also includes tourist- and accommodation-protection insurance that covers the costs of an extended stay in Türkiye should visitors develop COVID during their visit.

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