Vericast introduces “Save” as the consumer resource for deals

by | Jan 20, 2021

Vericast, a premier marketing solutions company that influences consumer purchasing and transaction behavior at scale, has introduced Save, the destination for deals, reaching over 75 million households nearly every week. Formerly RetailMeNot Everyday, Vericast’s Save remains committed to delivering meaningful everyday savings and provide valuable offers via direct mail and the free-standing insert (FSI), beginning Feb. 24.

These products influence consumers where they plan, shop and save, efficiently reaching them across a market or nationwide. In fact, 86% retain direct mail ads and 59% have made a purchase as a result of an ad. Similarly, engagement with the FSI is high with 85% of consumers familiar with it, indicating they read it. The FSI is also the no. 1 channel for consumer packaged goods coupons.

With the increased desire and value consumers place on savings, the launch of this new brand delivers the opportunity for discovery and deals, especially in economically trying times.

A recent survey of 1,000 U.S. consumers conducted by Valassis, a Vericast business, found that savings and offers have played a pivotal role during this time in fueling purchasing decisions. Specifically, since the pandemic began, 40% say they have tried a new product, business or brand because of a coupon or offer received in the mail – with younger audiences (57% of 18- to 24-year-olds) even more likely to do so. A quarter were motivated to try a new restaurant because they saw an offer, discount or deal – with even more (28%) trying a new retailer for the same reason.

“We are excited about the launch of Save as it is such an important and valuable way for brands to connect with consumers and showcase new products and offers,” said Carrie Parker, SVP of Marketing, Vericast. “With Save, brands have a powerful ability to excite consumers and share relevant deals on things people want and need in their everyday lives. We not only deliver savings to consumers, but also an emotional reward and the opportunity for discovery.”

In addition to the print offers value-seeking consumers will find from Vericast’s Save, they can anticipate an online resource coming soon in 2021, to further enhance the consumer experience.

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