10 biggest content marketing trends for 2019

by | Nov 19, 2018 | Analysis, Public Relations

The world of content marketing is changing rapidly. There are new technologies and tools discovered every day. Creative thinkers find more advanced ways to generate compelling material. But the diversity and sheer number of content posts are so massive that target audiences are unlikely to ever consume them all.

One thing’s for sure: content marketing is not going anywhere. Moreover, estimates show that by 2021, the industry will be worth more than $400 billion. Here are some of the most important content marketing trends that you must be aware of in 2019:

1. Make it sophisticated enough for your audience

According to benchmark reports, only 11 percent of content developers say that their materials are sophisticated—which means most content is probably too simple for the type of business it is created for.

To be more competitive, you must make sure that you get your customer service, HR, and sales representatives involved in the creation of content—these departments have to deal with customers often, and are thus well aware of what your clients want.

2. Your content must complement your business strategy

As content marketing continues to evolve, businesses will start to see it as a means of achieving specific goals rather than as a more universal solution. Even though content marketing is essential, it’s not enough in and of itself. There are lots of business strategies that you must employ in order to succeed, but to make them work, you must adjust them to your corporate goals to maximize their effectiveness and ensure that you succeed with audience engagement.

Every company is unique—that’s why it is impossible to apply the same solution twice. However, general goals like SEO, lead generation and great leadership are common. Every corporate strategy should address specific needs and goals—and your content must accurately reflect yours.

10 biggest content marketing trends for 2019

3. Content has become a new frontier for customer retention

Content marketing addresses the variety of objectives and needs for various business departments. Sales teams can use it to improve client relations. Brand managers turn their content into goodwill and authority. Recruiters attract top talent by publishing where their target audience spends its time. And this kind of marketing ensures customer retention. Today, it’s no longer just about making sales—it’s more about providing clients with the best experience so they want to receive services from you.

4. Distribution is the driver of success

It does not matter how good your content is if nobody sees it. Content distribution is therefore a vital component of any successful content marketing strategy—and these days, your content must be amplified across channels to ensure that more people learn about your services.

Big companies should also strive to make their promotional materials unique: nothing is more irritating—or ineffective—for your clientele than seeing the same ad over and over. Use information gathered from social media accounts to better target the right people. Generally, your business needs to find enthusiastic and creative ways to get the desired materials in front of the right audiences.

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5. Further amplify with podcasts and embedded videos

Traditional blogging is losing ground new trends like tutorial videos and podcasts. The logic is quite simple—it takes less time to watch a short video than to read an article on the same topic. Moreover, creative videos can provide users with easy-to-understand explanations of complex concepts. Podcasts, in turn, also help encourage people to engage with complementary articles on your website. It’s an excellent way for a reader to multitask as they can listen to information and then read about it, which helps drive more traffic to your website.

10 biggest content marketing trends for 2019

6. Keep them engaged by incorporating humor

People are always looking for a little fun in their informative material, which makes it easy to read. While the technical details are important, you should also think about how you can explain them in a fun manner. However, make sure you use humor in a cool and professional way—never make a customer feel like you’re insulting them. A good laugh will always kill off pressure and make readers feel entertained while reading some valuable facts. Therefore, don’t hesitate to crack a good joke in your copy (on the other hand, be sure not to overdo it).

7. Build loyalty with a social network community group

Most marketers ignore the power of building their social media communities. To popularize your brand, consider creating a group on your social network account. Depending on your corporate goals, you can create a group at Facebook or LinkedIn, or both. These platforms are great for promoting your products and services, as well as getting frank feedback from your clients. You also get to unveil new offers to your customers directly.

8. Keep your SEO optimized at all times

SEO is clearly one of the biggest and most successful marketing trends because it determines the ranking of your content and website within search engines—and will likely remain a critical skill no matter what. Make sure your site is optimized and ready to be discovered by new clients. That is how resources that offer you to buy coursework from Writix operate.

10 biggest content marketing trends for 2019

9. Repurpose your best content to get the most mileage out of it

Each day, you work hard to come up with updates and news you want to share. However, have you stopped for a minute to think about what happens to the material you had previously? Your older content is just as important as the new work you are creating. Once your content seems outdated, find a way to update it so it addresses more immediate needs.

10. Don’t overlook website ambience

Nobody wants to attend a restaurant with bad ambiance. That same logic is vital if you want to create a successful business. Make sure that your website looks neat and user-friendly so that customers will enjoy visiting—and will continue to stop by.

Harry Southworth
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