3 link-building strategies for businesses in a post-COVID world

by | Apr 8, 2021 | Public Relations

If you want to increase brand awareness and achieve higher SEO rankings, link-building should be an essential element of your digital marketing strategy. Using the right strategy can help you to maximize your success and avoid some common pitfalls.

As the world begins to bounce back from the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s more important than ever for businesses to reflect the societal changes that have taken place. To find out how you can use link-building to enhance your commercial performance, take a look at these three strategies to use in a post-COVID world:

1. Use topical content

Link-building can be used to promote various content, including homepages, product pages, and landing pages. However, the need for current and up-to-date information amidst the pandemic means that linking to topical content could be a highly effective way of promoting your brand.

Search rates for pandemic-related information are still high and are expected to remain so for quite some time. By featuring topical information on your company’s blog, you can provide informative and relevant content to your users and utilize this content to enhance your link-building activities.

3 link-building strategies for businesses in a post-COVID world

2. Broken link building

When external sites have broken links, you have a great opportunity to extend your link-building strategy. By providing relevant content and replacing the link with one to your site, you can successfully secure another valuable link that will increase your site’s domain authority and help you climb the rankings.

Although broken link-building can be used at any time, savvy businesses will be eager to capitalize on the increasing number of broken links that are likely to appear in upcoming months.

The economic impact of COVID-19 has been well-publicized and, sadly, there are a significant number of businesses that won’t survive or that will be forced to drastically alter their operations. Due to this, many commercial websites will be removed or redesigned, which means the links they previously secured on external sites will no longer be functional.

By using reputable site explorers to identify broken links, you can use them to enhance your own post-COVID recovery strategy.

3. Sponsor virtual events

In response to the pandemic, millions of businesses embraced remote working and switched from face-to-face meetings to virtual alternatives. Similarly, industry events and conferences largely became online-only.

Even though the world is beginning to open up once more, the demand for virtual events remains. Given the reduced costs associated with hosting virtual events, it’s not surprising that businesses are keen to make this is a permanent change.

By sponsoring these events, you can increase brand awareness and also ensure that your links get prime placement. Providing you choose events that are relevant to your target audience, you can even improve the quality of traffic to your site, as well as the volume. Of course, having your link featured on industry websites with high domain authorities will also serve to increase your own website’s expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness (E-A-T) and positively affect your SEO rankings.

Creating a successful link-building strategy

Companies of all sizes should be using link-building to enhance their online presence, but it’s important to use an appropriate strategy. Poor quality links could have a negative impact on your rankings, which is why you must ensure that you’re using innovative yet reputable methods to improve your SEO performance.

For most businesses, outsourcing your needs and working with a successful link-building agency is the easiest and most effective way to achieve success. With expert link-builders expanding your network and creating custom content, enhancing your brand reputation and boosting your rankings could be easier than you think.

Although digital marketing can be a highly effective and budget-friendly way of optimizing your commercial performance, it’s evolving quickly. This means that businesses need to stay up to date with the various facets of online marketing in order to benefit from it. Whether it’s new Google algorithms or the release of automated tech, your digital marketing strategy needs to incorporate the latest trends.

By using link-building and other types of digital marketing effectively, you can outperform your competitors and secure the highest rankings for relevant keywords. In turn, this will give you the springboard you need to develop your brand, acquire more customers, and generate increased revenue.

Dimitry Karloff
Dimitry Karloff is Business Development Head and Partner at ESBO ltd.


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