3 methods that enhance the customer experience

by | Aug 5, 2022 | Marketing, Public Relations

No matter what products or services your company provides, it is important to give every customer a quality experience. While in some cases this is impossible, with a few proven practices your staff can please most customers most of the time. Friendly greetings, prompt service, listening and being authentic are always in style, but sometimes it pays to go outside the box and offer truly personalized service. This experience can also be motivating and rewarding for retail staff, business owners and managers.

Talking up a product

It can be fun for a worker to come up with all the creative ways they can show a product in a positive light. For example, when describing a quality multi position ladder, your company can think up a long list of benefits and features for this product. A comprehensive list might include the materials the ladder is constructed of, the experience of the manufacturing company, the attractive appearance of the ladder and the many ways the ladder could help a person accomplish tasks and make life easier and safer. Features such as a rotating wall pad and OSHA compliance could also appeal to customers and give them a sense of value as they select a product they love.

Improving brand relationships

To enhance the customer experience or CX of a shopper means making the person feel good about a purchase. This could last many days after the initial experience and provide a little glow of satisfaction every time they use the product. This requires that everyone in your company makes a special effort to listen to customers and try to understand customer perceptions. The goal is to develop a special relationship with each customer and provide a personalized experience. Of course, it also means taking care of the basics such as providing an online or in-store experience that is enjoyable and beneficial.

To be successful at this pursuit, a company must remain vigilant and provide continuous reinforcement of proven methods. Whenever a company loses focus, customers are likely to have less stellar experiences, which can cause a loss of attachment to a brand. To prevent this, managers should come up with ways to inspire employees and to measure results.

Embracing creativity

Any customer experience enhancement program should take into account the limits of rules and rote requirements for workers and managers. Just telling someone to do better and follow these specific rules can turn your staff into robots who take little joy in coming to work. Almost everyone likes to be creative so empowering people to use their unique skills can have a cascade of benefits. You might be surprised at what employees can come up with and how it could create a more positive workplace. To revitalize a workplace, there are some excellent ways to spur creativity.

It helps to let employees know that they have some leeway when it comes to their interactions with clients. This can also be encouraged in online settings as workers can make fun recommendations to highlight a product or service. Preventing workers and managers from thinking outside the box can stifle creativity. Giving everyone some space for critical thinking could lead to more encounters that enhance the customer experience.

Finally, it helps to reward creativity. This can be as simple as pointing out something that a team member did that was unexpected and produced positive results. It could also provide gifts or rewards in the form of gift cards or free merchandise for an original idea. So long as all employees understand the importance of pleasing customers, a little creativity is a good way to prioritize the customer experience.

Kevin Gardner
Kevin Gardner graduated with a BS in Computer Science. He works as a business consultant for InnovateBTS, where he helps companies integrate technology to improve performance. He shares his knowledge and expertise not only with his clients but with his fellow bloggers and readers.


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