3 reasons why digital PR is an important component of brand promotion

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Public relations once was restricted to managing communication between an organization and its audience. Fast forward to today, where PR is one of the most dynamic tactics in the digital marketing landscape. Digital PR has emerged as a reliable tool to build and promote a brand by combining SEO and marketing techniques with PR strategies.

If you are still new to the concept, let me tell you, it’s worth exploring the value of digital PR for business promotion. Businesses and marketers worldwide are showing heightened interest in digital PR, as displayed by Google Trends.

3 reasons why digital PR is an important component of brand promotion

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It’s a thing of the past to use print media or mere ads to introduce your brand to your target audience. Digital PR combines content marketing, emails, SEO, and social media tactics into a single powerful weapon for brand promotion.

In this post, I’ll explain why digital PR is a must-have component in any business promotion strategy.

Breaking down digital PR for you

PR, in simple terms, is sending out viable information about your brand to the potential audience to build brand awareness. Now club this idea with the unlimited power of digital media.

What you have in your hands can revolutionize your digital marketing strategy when done smartly. With the help of digital PR services, companies can converse with their audience to build brand loyalty.

While traditional PR focused on building a network for the brand using offline content, digital PR for online business ideas promotion leverages online content to gain greater visibility, presence, and authority.

Role of digital PR in business promotion

Digital PR can help you achieve various goals for your business as the possibilities of digital promotion are without boundaries.

Here are some of the aspects in which digital PR can help your business.

1. Build brand identity

The fundamental aim of digital PR is to build trust between a business and its audience. When the majority of the world is on the digital platform, businesses need to stamp their authority on this landscape for the users to trust them.

Digital PR utilizes stories, news, and press releases to enhance the authenticity of a brand. It showcases your expertise as a business and what makes you unique.

When businesses become more authentic and genuine to people, the users show a greater inclination towards using their products or services. And that’s how you measure the success of a PR campaign.

2. Boost your business’s reputation

I can’t stress the importance of reputation management enough as a part of your marketing strategy. Sadly though, it has become far easier to disrupt a brand’s reputation in a digital era than ever before.

Users with a bad experience can go on social media or review sites to post negative reviews about a brand based on their bad experience.

Digital PR goes a long way in creating a positive opinion about your business, leaving a good impression on the target audience. If a crisis arises, digital PR can be used to salvage the situation and turn the tides in your favor.

3. Increase customer acquisition and lead generation

If you were to analyze the digital advertising stats of 2020, you will realize that mobile ad engagement has seen a spike of 15%. That’s because more and more people are consuming digital content on their handheld devices.

What does this mean for your business?

You can make inroads into such an enormous gathering of internet users by means of digital PR. When you distribute your unique content in all the right places to build brand awareness, it results in quality lead generation.

Your digital PR strategy helps you in showcasing your expertise and inviting users to explore more. You should never forget to personalize your pitch for every channel and publication. This can definitely result in better customer acquisition.

This is where a degree in strategic communication can come in very helpful. It can equip you with the right set of skills that you need to become a PR professional and run large scale digital PR campaigns.

This, in turn, would help you seamlessly generate leads and conversions for your business too.

4. Enhance your SEO strategy

John Mueller of Google recently expressed that digital PR is as critical as SEO. That’s a big statement coming from an important man!

A well-balanced digital PR and SEO strategy are vital for the success of any campaign.

Great SEO performance depends on a versatile backlink profile, and digital PR can be instrumental in building such a profile.

When you publish press releases, news, and other content on high authority websites and link it back to your website, it directly boosts your SEO. This, in turn, improves your ranking on Google.

5. Build relationship with bloggers and influencers in your industry

When you publish high-quality content consistently, it makes your brand highly credible. Use digital PR tactics to grow your network by connecting with leading bloggers and influencers in your industry through various community forums and slack groups like Link Building HQ, Online Geniuses, and more.

This relationship can be mutually beneficial as you leverage their extensive base of followers, and the bloggers and influencers can rely on your brand for authentic information.

Utilizing digital PR for business promotion in such a manner comes with multiple benefits. Without much effort, you can expand your audience, generate more brand awareness, and experience better sales.

And the best part?

You can put this entire process on autopilot too. All you have to do is leverage a CRM that lets you seamlessly keep in touch with all the influencers, bloggers, and journalists.

Using such a platform, you can strengthen your relationship with them and even send out automated emails to them every once in a while.

Concluding thoughts

As we drive home the point, it is clear that digital PR as a marketing tool is here to make a significant impact. It is constantly evolving, becoming more effective day by day.

The benefits of digital PR for business promotion that we discussed here prove how important it is for every marketer.

A well-thought-out PR strategy could be the difference between you and your competitors in terms of popularity, sales, and SEO ranking. So, start using digital PR for business promotion and see the results firsthand.

Gaurav Sharma
Gaurav Sharma is the founder and CEO of Attrock, a results-driven digital marketing company. Grew an agency from 5-figure to 7-figure revenue in just two years | 10X leads | 2.8X conversions | 300K organic monthly traffic. He also contributes to top publications like HuffPost, Adweek, Business 2 Community, TechCrunch, and more.


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