3 reasons your business struggles with press coverage

by | Mar 14, 2023 | Public Relations

Good publicity can catapult your company’s online sales, grow its brand recognition, and help develop a large and loyal audience.

If your press releases fail to gain press, journalists never cover your industry events, or your articles fail to generate attention, you may need to make changes to your PR tactics.

If you are unsure where your company is going wrong, here are three possible reasons why your business struggles with press coverage.

1. Your press releases aren’t newsworthy

Do you feel you are constantly churning out press releases that the media have ignored or rejected?

If so, the articles likely aren’t newsworthy enough to grab journalists’ attention and encourage them to cover your story.

As most journalists will be bombarded with press releases daily, your company’s boring or uneventful article might prevent your story from securing priceless media coverage.

Don’t submit a press release about the smallest bit of company news. Only publish information worthy of grabbing journalists’ attention, which will increase your brand’s chances of positive media coverage on and offline.

If you don’t have any exciting news or a cool upcoming event, it might be time to create an exciting story to help your business reach a larger audience.

2. You have the wrong marketing strategy

Your marketing strategy is likely to blame for your company’s limited publicity.

If you are eager to secure much media coverage to increase your brand awareness and attract customers, it might be time to develop a more effective strategy.

Consider turning to a management consultancy company to develop a stronger strategy and identify better marketing opportunities to reach your business’s annual goals and projections.

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You can trust your business will naturally generate newsworthy stories the press will want to cover.

Also, in addition to improving your company’s marketing prowess, they could support your company by helping to reduce costs, increasing internal productivity, or improving the customer experience, to name a few options.

3. You haven’t built a rapport with journalists

Stop submitting a press release and waiting for the media coverage to come.

If you want your brand to become a household name, you must do more than submit releases and send them to journalists.

If you continue this tactic, you will spend your days competing with similar businesses and it will place you in the same league for exposure.

Give your brand a better chance of success by attempting to develop a friendly rapport with one or more journalists, editors, freelance reporters, bloggers, and local podcast producers.

A friendly relationship could push your press release to the top of their pile, and they might be more likely to cover your story.

The stronger connections you form with journalists, the more media coverage your business will likely enjoy throughout the years.

As a result, you could drive more traffic to your website, increase your online sales, boost your brand recognition, and increase your annual revenue to ensure your company’s survival and growth.

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