3 ways to enhance your business’ PR strategy

by | Jun 9, 2022 | Public Relations

Companies across all industries need to apply tactical measures to set themselves apart from their competitors and win over customers. Being able to project a positive image is fundamental to a company’s bottom line and its capacity for growth. Here are a few things that can help businesses advance their public relations initiatives to generate more visibility, leads, and sales.

1. Step up social media engagement

Companies have to connect with customers and prospective customers through their preferred method of communication. For some people, telephonic outreach or email messages will remain the favored way to receive communications. However, a growing number of consumers are most accessible through their preferred social media platform. In fact, some people who are really invested in social media are more likely to be receptive to marketing materials and content that they come across through an advertisement or connection than they would be if they received the same materials or content through another channel. Accounts on multiple platforms can create stronger and more direct connections to various segments of a target consumer base.

It is crucial that social media accounts for businesses reflect a high level of managerial organization and resources. Posts and updates cannot appear sporadic or haphazard because it connotes poor managerial oversight. if a company cannot stably maintain a front-facing activity like social media engagement, the customers who it hopes to engage cannot reasonably expect that the company’s management of its other activities would differ substantially from its lackluster account management. Outsourcing account oversight may be a good strategy for companies that want to enhance the quality of their presentation on social media.

2. Flex resources

For the most part, people want to buy products and services from companies that use the latest and greatest technology in the work that they do. Utilizing advanced systems and resources shows consumers that a business has sound financial management and operates on a large scale. It also conveys that a company uses its capital smartly. investing in technology that makes running a business more efficient can reduce overhead costs and thereby lower costs for consumers.

Companies can effectively impress their customers by using tools that make each part of their workflow more competent and cost-effective. Implementing a labor management system equips businesses to complete projects and expand operations without overextending themselves. Analytics with AI can pinpoint deficiencies in specific facets of workflow tracking. Likewise, well-designed interfaces for customers can centralize their access to customer service when they need it. All of these types of strategic technological applications can give a company’s customers confidence that it is well-managed and operates at a higher level than its competitors.

3. Show a commitment to sustainability

Business’ carbon footprint is a growing issue for consumers, so companies’ efforts to advance sustainability can do a lot for their public image. It makes a great impression on people when a business can relay substantive measures to achieve improved sustainability. When using this tactic, businesses need to put their values into action. Vague pledges or passing mentions in a mission statement will fail to impress customers. Instead, companies’ leadership need to be specific about what they have done to make real progress towards conserving resources, reducing waste, or lessening their dependence on nonrenewable energy.

Sustainability is especially important for good public relations in business-to-business and enterprise sales. In order to make their operations eco-friendly, businesses must work with vendors or service providers who share their commitment to repairing and protecting the environment.

Ultimately, better PR may necessitate a considerable investment of time, capital, and oversight. Nevertheless, some of the key facets of good PR also lend themselves to better overall operational efficiency. Good PR initiatives can equip companies to create improved customer experiences and facilitate growth.

Lewis Robinson
Lewis Robinson is a business consultant specializing in CRM and sales. He's begun multiple corporations and currently freelances as a writer and personal consultant.


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