3 ways to make security a USP for your business

by | Nov 9, 2020 | Marketing, Public Relations

In these troubled and turbulent times we find ourselves in, making your business safe and secure is not only good for you financially, but it’s good for your reputation as a business.

As a public relations exercise, new employees and new customers want to be sure that working with you and shopping with you will be safe, both physically and virtually. There’s nothing more worrying than being away from home and being in a dangerous situation and the owner of the business not knowing how to react.

Why security is great for PR

Security takes many forms, and most companies don’t spend enough time speaking publicly about the steps they take to secure their business and their staff. Everything from COVID-secure measures right up to how your business would approach dealing with a security situation in your building is vital. Using this information as part of your recruitment campaigns can put employees and potential employees at ease about how safe they would be working for you.

From a public perspective, businesses that take care to look after their staff, as well as their customers and their data, are always looked upon more favorably by the general public. In these difficult times, PR campaigns about going ‘above and beyond’ to keep everyone safe are a great idea and can help to build trust in your business.

Here are a few ideas of ways your business can use security as a PR exercise—and as a Unique Selling Proposition:

Protect the perimeter of your business

Being physically safe at your place of work or where you’re going shopping is important to nearly everyone. Keeping both staff and customers safe is a struggle that many companies face and do very well to overcome, but few actively advertise how they do it.

Think about including some details of your approach to safety in your next campaign. For example, you might work hard to keep young people away from your property to stop antisocial behavior. This is something you can really shout about. If you’re wondering how to ensure perimeter safety, the Mosquito alarm by Compound Security is a great option.

Be clear on your COVID safe actions

Every business needs to follow COVID-secure guidelines now to ensure that both staff and customers/clients are safe. It’s important that you are clear and open about the measures you’re taking publicly.

Some ideas on how to do this may be to shoot a video for your company to show how your building is now COVID-secure and that your staff members feel more comfortable being at work.

Show off your data security

Data security is a huge issue for everyone. After all, having data stolen and identities cloned can ruin lives.

Every company must make an effort to secure personal data property, so why not run a campaign to show the outside world what you’re doing to ensure that the data you keep is safe and secure? Speak about your efforts to improve things like encryption and antivirus, but use language the average person will understand.

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