3 winning ways to amplify your PR content

by | Jun 1, 2021 | Analysis, Public Relations

Public relations is all about connecting and engaging with a company’s target audience through compelling and valuable content. There are various tried and true PR strategies that tend to work for many businesses. However, implementing them with the right tips will boost your chances for the most success.

Great content is one of the most important ingredients of effective PR, especially considering that most PR, as well as most marketing efforts, are centered around great content. In fact, even a single piece of content, when it’s done well, can be used multiple times and across a variety of platforms. That type of content can also be utilized in different forms when necessary, such as in podcasts, infographics, or even eBooks.


The first step to creating content that converts consumers is to make everything original. That means companies should be researching topics that are unusual, interesting, or will make the audience think. Ideally, the content should be based around internal research which the company has already conducted, as that way it will be able to stand up to further analysis from other industry folks.

Research with results that can be turned into attention-grabbing headlines that journalists can utilize works best with original content. Furthermore, with original content that stems from research, companies can reuse that content in other ways, such as in blog posts, white papers, presentations, speaking engagements, or press releases.

Blog posts

When done well, blog posts can get plenty of ROI in public relations strategies. When creating blog posts, companies should make sure the content is interesting, instead of distributing content just for the sake of it. This is one thing that plenty of companies get wrong when creating blog posts, and the main reason for that is they don’t understand that consumers get tired of seeing information distributed without a good reason for it.

Plenty of companies distribute various types of content simply because they believe that’s what they’re supposed to do. Additionally, when too many companies are constantly creating and distributing content without a good enough reason, consumers can get bored and tired of seeing the same topics discussed repetitively.

However, when a company takes its time to conduct research and create original blog posts with valuable, that content will fare a lot better.

Social media

Given the prevalence of the use of social media platforms and the fact that companies have to meet the consumers where they already are, social media is another essential ingredient in content and conversions. This is because companies these days don’t only distribute content via their own websites or email newsletters. Social media is another distribution channel. Social media is also one of the channels that has to be updated and refreshed more frequently compared to the rest.

That’s because consumers expect to be entertained during their time on social media platforms. However, making things interesting isn’t always easy for companies, and that’s where variety in content can really help. In order to keep the consumers interested and converting, companies should be creating different types of content using the same original research.

Mike Paffmann
Mike Paffmann is CEO of Virgo-PR.