CMOs say revenue marketing and measurement among top 2018 trends

by | Jan 3, 2018 | Marketing, Public Relations

As 2018 arrives, every marketer is forecasting the top trends to help improve their brand’s strategy for the year ahead. Being at the forefront of your industry means that you’re capturing the attention of influencers, the media, prospects, current customers and advocates.

Reaching these audiences and personas comes with communication challenges. However marketers are keeping up with new demands by up-leveling their marketing plans. Utilizing the right martech stack; putting in place the appropriate advocacy programs; working on the ideal omni-channel approach; going deeper with personification; evaluating brand messaging techniques and best practices—all contribute to a better customer experience and, ultimately, greater ROI achievements.

PAN Communications wanted to dig deeper into focus areas for CMOs in 2018. We asked our clients and influencers for their takes, and this is what we found out:


Mark Nardone
A 20+ year PAN Communications veteran, Mark oversees the firm’s strategic focus across business development and brand marketing efforts. @markcnardone


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