4 business sectors that benefit from internal gamification

by | May 3, 2022 | Marketing, Public Relations

Although any company can implement gamification into its operations, there are some industries where it works better than others. When companies in the following industries add gaming elements to the everyday tasks of their employees, they shift the workplace in the right direction.


The retail industry is a very stressful work environment for many people. Although plenty of businesses in the retail industry tend to focus entirely on their customers, sometimes executives and managers should think a little more about their employees. Companies can improve their workplaces by implementing gamification reward systems and leader boards that are based on sales and customer service reports. In fact, similar processes can work just as well for customers too. If a company is suffering from unmotivated employees, that situation can quickly cause customers to suffer themselves. By implementing a rewards program that rewards employees and one that pays customers back for their loyalty, businesses can achieve a lot of success.


Another stressful and daunting industry is healthcare. In the last couple of years, many studies have shown the importance of medical burnout, with over half of all workers in the healthcare industry reporting burnout. They tend to become burnt out because of the physical and mental exhaustion that stems from long periods of stress, which is why many companies in the healthcare industry have started encouraging their employees to use apps that track employees overall well-being. Additionally, companies in the healthcare industry can add gamification elements to the everyday tasks of their employees, to help make the days go by faster and give them something they can look forward to when they’re feeling stressed.


An essential element of managing a sales team is setting the right sales goals. The sales industry is one of the industries that most benefit from gamification because sales itself tends to be a game. Companies in the sales industry can recognize employees every time they make a sale. They can also utilize reward systems and leaderboards that allow employees to earn points that they can exchange for physical or virtual awards.

Food service

Fast food and quick service businesses work hard to deliver orders to customers, for what many people would consider poor working conditions and low pay. Improving the efficiency of the employees is essential to business owners and managers in this industry. When companies in the food service industry add gamification to various processes such as running food or taking orders, they create a smoother work process while also helping employees enjoy their workday a lot more. The strategy also directly benefits the customers, especially if companies add external gamification processes. That’s why many food service businesses have started using apps where the customers can purchase their food before they reach the drive-through window, and earn rewards for it.

Mike Paffmann
Mike Paffmann is CEO of Virgo-PR.


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