4 digital marketing trends you should invest in this year

by | Aug 31, 2021 | Marketing, Public Relations

There never seems to have been a period in our lives when we have relied on the internet more than now. Throughout numerous lockdowns, it’s the internet that has managed to connect us, whether professionally or personally, and has acted as a bridge across the uncertainty that was the COVID-19 pandemic.

Now, as lockdowns ease, it looks like our reliance on the internet is likely to continue. So, what does this mean for digital marketing investment? This article will discuss which new digital marketing trends you should consider investing in this year.

Videos and live streams

These have become incredibly popular recently as visual storytelling is one of the most important things to consumers at the moment. This is reflected in the fact that prospective customers who watch a video are more likely to purchase whatever it is advertising. Live streams are also having the same effect as they can act as video demonstrations of products that consumers are able to engage with in order to ask any questions that they may have. As such, this is a great source of investment, as it’s something a lot of marketers will be looking into using in the future.

Interactive ads

Interactive ads are becoming more and more popular. To give you an example of what these are, consider an online gambling site such as Ruby Fortune Casino. If they were to have interactive ads, they would most likely come in the form of a free spin of a slot machine, which would then take the consumer to the actual game to claim whatever it is they win. This is an incredible form of advertising as it gives consumers a taste of what they could expect if they engage more with the services brands offer. This is something most businesses will likely capitalize on, given how effective it is becoming.

Strategy creation

If you are creating content merely so that you can push it out the door and hope someone sees it, this is not an effective means of marketing and is certainly not a content strategy. Realistically, a slow amount of mediocre content that stems from a lack of commitment can do more damage to a brand than not creating content at all.

There are a huge number of businesses that use content marketing, and many others are adamant it is the future; however, the issue is that a number of organizations don’t have a written strategy. Realistically, the thing that will need investment will be the way that businesses approach creating content so that they can capitalize on potential consumers. The best way to do this will be by analyzing the likes of Google Analytics, seeing what content works best, and then working it into a strategy.

Content distribution

Unfortunately, the well-known mantra of “if you build it, they will come” does not exist in the world of content marketing. What you are writing about needs to contain information that is genuinely something that the consumer will benefit from and that can be sent out in a way that means it will reach those to who you are trying to give value to.


The amount that has moved online now in light of the coronavirus pandemic means that capitalizing on new trends in digital marketing and investing in those trends is a crucial exercise. What will be the most popular means of traffic generation and conversation remain difficult to fully understand; however, the above is a good place to start. If you are considering capitalizing on these new digital marketing trends, consider the above and find out which appears most applicable to you or your business.

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