4 helpful ways to use PR tactics in real estate

by | Apr 19, 2022 | Public Relations

If you have a wide variety of houses available to sell, it can be frustrating to see a lack of interaction when you know people searching for a new home are out there. The next time you try to talk to a potential client, you may find more success if you employ a few tactics that people commonly use in public relations.

Focus on social media

No matter who you want to reach, social media can help you find and target the right kind of people who are also searching for you. However, you need to tailor your posts to make sure potential customers pay attention and remember your name for longer than a few seconds. The best way to do this is to double-check your social media posts for clear and concise writing.

Long paragraphs and titles can make people scroll past without stopping to see what you are saying. Taking the time to craft an eye-catching post and add the right pictures or graphics to it can help you reach a whole new audience searching for houses. Posting too often may also make people tune out, so you should set up a regular schedule that you feel doesn’t overwhelm your followers who are searching for houses for sale in Tooele Utah. Many websites rely on visual engagement and hashtags, which you can use to help target people who are looking for a new home.

Stay aware of people around you

While it may feel overwhelming to learn about the community at large, especially if you are new to the area, it is an important part of real estate. Understanding who you could be selling to can help you create events or plan marketing campaigns for the future. An exciting and fun way to participate in this kind of research is to host a public event that may draw people in and help them hear about you. One of the biggest hurdles you may face is getting your name out there and having people remember it. If you throw or co-host a summer block party or plan another kind of event for a local area, there is a greater chance people will know and remember you the next time they go to buy or sell a house. Having a solid knowledge of the listings available while talking to potential clients can also help you in case the conversation heads that way.

Know the facts

If you cannot connect with what most homebuyers are looking for, you may underestimate or overestimate how much people are willing to pay. You should always be honest and direct with anyone who has an issue with a house, since you want a solid and trustworthy reputation. When discussing real estate subjects, make sure to brush up on your knowledge of details so that you can have a quick and concise explanation for anyone you meet who is unfamiliar with specific terms.

Search for partners

While you may want to advertise on your own, one other way to get your name out in the greater community is to partner up with nonprofits or local businesses. If you find a willing partner, they can help connect people who are searching for houses with you. Then, this can lead to more open houses for potential clients and anyone in the area who is looking for a trustworthy real estate agent.

People are looking to move every day, so it may help to have a connection to local people and businesses that have frequent customers and are trusted by the community. Beyond that, you can set up paper advertisements within a shop or other business with the owner’s permission. Digital newsletters or local newspapers are another way to help you find as many clients as possible.

Lewis Robinson
Lewis Robinson is a business consultant specializing in CRM and sales. He's begun multiple corporations and currently freelances as a writer and personal consultant.


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