4 important PR strategies large companies should be using

by | Feb 7, 2023 | Public Relations

When it comes to PR, there are a lot of things that go into making sure that the reputation, marketing and outreach of any business or individual are handled with care. However, when it comes to big companies, extra care might be required in order to keep everything running smoothly—which might also require different tactics than those used with small business or individual PR.

Consider the following suggestions on which PR strategies large companies should use:

Targeted social media campaigns

While it is essential for anyone who has a business to consider promoting themselves and their business or brand on at least one social media platform, it is absolutely vital for big companies to have a presence just as large as they are. Social media campaigns are one of the easiest ways a company can generate interest and client retention. Big companies are often seen as unreachable entities once they reach a certain size, so one of the biggest things that a big company can do to strengthen the bond between themselves and their clients is to develop and launch targeted social media campaigns that focus on specific demographics, rotate focus on a regular basis, and show all of the company’s clients that they are still approachable and relatable.

Developing multiple solid contingency plans

With all of the moving parts that are required to operate a big company, something is inevitably going to break down or malfunction somewhere, and the company needs to be prepared for when that happens. One of the biggest safety nets that a big company can set up for itself is a series of multiple solid contingency plans. Contingency plans are designed with the longevity and safety of the company and its workers in mind, and are meant to provide solutions when regular routines or machinery experience issues. Big companies need to have a priority list so they can make contingency plans for the biggest potential crises first, then work their way down the list.

Maintaining a good reputation in the community

Community is important to most clients, no matter how big a company might get. This means that any big company that regularly gets involved with its community has a good chance at client respect and retention, even in the face of a company disaster. However, the involvement must be good for that retention to be earned. If a big company is found out to be practicing shady or unethical behavior within the community, their reputation and client relationships can easily be sent into a nosedive, and any chance at redemption will take a long time, especially if the community feels betrayed as a whole.

Having the best PR team possible

Big companies have a lot to handle when it comes to PR, and to make sure everything is handled properly and efficiently, it is a good idea for every big company to have the best PR team possible. Each of the team members needs to have their own skill set that fits within the team dynamic while also remaining unique. All team members also need a lot of experience with different crises and campaigns so that, ideally, they are ready for anything at a moment’s notice, whether the situation is fraud associated with a new American Express credit card or the death of the company’s CEO.

Big companies have a lot to worry about and consider on a day-to-day basis, but that gives them no excuse to neglect their PR department. Keep these strategies in mind and make sure that any big companies you follow have their priorities in the right place from a client standpoint.

Lewis Robinson
Lewis Robinson is a business consultant specializing in CRM and sales. He's begun multiple corporations and currently freelances as a writer and personal consultant.


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