4 proven ways to boost your company’s public image

by | Jan 17, 2023 | Public Relations

Having a positive public image is important for any business. Whether you are starting out or would like your established company to reach a wider audience, there are things to keep in mind for boosting your public image. Read on for four easy-to-implement additions for your business to help give it a strong image to your potential clients.

1. Have a business plan and sales strategy

One of the first steps for building your image is to have a business plan. If your company is well-organized and planned in advance, you can have a clear view of what you hope to achieve for the company. Be sure to have a solid sales strategy as well.

A good strategy will help you recognize how to identify with your customers and will give you insight into how to manage your business transactions. A business that has a clear set of goals and a steady identity reflects positively on its image. When you engage with your customers in a strategic way that puts their needs first, you can craft a positive public image for your business.

2. Create an intuitive and accessible website

Your company website will likely be the first thing potential clients will see of your business, so having a useful and accessible site is crucial for that first impression. Your site should concisely communicate exactly what your business provides. While you may be tempted to create a flashy design for your site, a more minimalistic approach tends to convey your message better.

Since there are just as many people who use mobile devices as those who use computers, you should design your site for both desktop and mobile displays. Accessibility is also important, as reaching a wide audience is key to growing your community.

Use an easily readable font for the text on your site and avoid cluttering the window with too many images or designs that could overwhelm users. If your site contains videos with spoken words, include subtitles on the videos. Usability features like these can go a long way toward showing consideration to your audience.

3. Implement a public relations team

Public relations is the way your business is represented in the public eye. A good PR team will stay involved with your business’s followers and keep them updated on any new developments. If you implement a solid PR team, you can better connect with any potential clients or followers who may have questions or concerns.

If you plan on your company having a broad reach outside of your own country, then you could make an effort to have your PR team be equipped to deal with an international audience. This could include hiring bilingual team members and those who are willing to make business trips overseas. If your company is represented well to a wide audience, you can expect business with all types of clients.

4. Establish and maintain a social media presence

One of the best ways of getting your company in the public eye is to have a social media presence. Many internet users are on one or more social networking platforms, so having a presence on the most popular platforms increases the chances of getting eyes on your business.

Establish your brand on different platforms, and keep your accounts updated with all current developments and upcoming offers. Having a social media presence will also make your business look current and therefore more likely to attract interest.

Above all else, professionalism is most important. When advertising your business, be sure to maintain a friendly and professional image to show that your clients can trust you. If you focus on sustaining a positive image, you could potentially make long-term clients and expand your business.

Kevin Gardner
Kevin Gardner graduated with a BS in Computer Science. He works as a business consultant for InnovateBTS, where he helps companies integrate technology to improve performance. He shares his knowledge and expertise not only with his clients but with his fellow bloggers and readers.


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