4 tips to build a good business reputation

by | May 21, 2019 | Public Relations

In business, your reputation is all-important. It can take many years to build it up, but just a moment to knock it all down again. Once you have lost your reputation in business, it can be extremely difficult—perhaps even impossible—to raise it again. Here are some fundamental tips on how to build and maintain a good business reputation. Make sure you are careful about what you do, and you can create a business that grows and thrives.

Be your best

Everyone has ‘off days’ when they don’t feel right, they don’t want to communicate, or they simply want to hide away. In business, this cannot happen. No matter how you might be feeling personally, none of this should be something your customers notice. Whether you’re having a good day or a bad one, your customers will only ever want—and need—to see you at your best.

The fact is, you never know what kind of sales you are going to make or who you are going to meet, so even when you are not at work, you should assume that everyone around you is a potential customer and treat them accordingly.

Be honest

Honesty is extremely important in business, especially if your particular industry has a reputation for dishonesty. Make sure that everything you do is above board and transparent. Use professionals to help you when you need assistance, as this will also ensure that you don’t make mistakes that then cause problems. For example, use a firm like Chicago CPA, Maribel Del Real for your taxes and your customers will see that you are doing everything “by the book.”

Honesty is also about keeping promises where possible, and this is a crucial part of running a business with a good reputation. Of course, sometimes things go wrong, and the promises you give aren’t able to be kept, but as long as you are honest and open and explain why this is, your reputation should—as long as it doesn’t happy too often—stay intact.

Practice good communication

Communication is something that all businesses should be able to do easily; it is a key component in being successful and having a good reputation. Always keep people aware of what is happening in your business (if they need to know) and with your orders in particular. Keep them abreast of the situation, and you won’t have so many complaints; they will always have the answers they are seeking and not have to keep asking you for updates.

Even if the news is not good, or there is no news to speak of, keeping in touch is a good thing to do. It makes people feel that you are working hard for them and enhances your reputation.

Don’t send spam

It’s a good idea to have an email list to send out regular information and newsletters, but spamming people is a bad idea. Too many updates and emails will make you seem annoying and will put people off using you. Although it can be tempting to send everyone an email as soon as something exciting happens, it’s better to collate this information and make one monthly newsletter about it.

James Daniels
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