4 ways headless CMS will improve your company’s omnichannel experiences

by | Oct 5, 2023 | Public Relations

Today’s consumers are rapidly moving targets. In fact, on average, U.S. households have a total of 22 connected devices. In a world of websites, tablets, desktop computers, and mobile phones, how are companies supposed to connect their brand with potential customers?

The importance of an omnichannel experience for customer loyalty has never been more important. Here are a few ways your CMS can play a role in the future of your marketing channel strategy.

Prioritize omnichannel efforts

Multichannel customer journeys involve the ability to access a variety of information across different devices. While this approach does improve customer experience, the best way to drive brand loyalty is through an omnichannel experience.

In an omnichannel environment, all channels are connected and synchronized. This type of consistency delivers a seamless experience, regardless of device. In fact, maintaining brand consistency has been found to increase revenue by up to 33 percent.

A headless CMS environment can aid in this approach. Headless CMS gives users the ability to create and manage content in one centralized location. The content is then accessible through APIs for use across multiple platforms. These APIs allow your headless CMS to communicate with other systems and applications, creating an easily executable omnichannel marketing strategy.

Showcase brand values to drive connection

A branded content suite that delivers personalized content directly to your target audience can be key in developing meaningful connections. By utilizing a headless CMS, which essentially removes pre-defined presentation layers, you can create a more universal approach to content distribution across channels.  

A headless CMS will help you contain an extensive amount of branded content all in one spot. This allows you to power not only a website, but POS kiosks, digital displays, mobile applications and more. Using branded content within an omnichannel approach can help you build value through consistent interactions, showcasing your brand’s philosophies in a way that resonates.

Know your customer’s buying journey and connect it

Understanding your customer’s buying journeys and content channels is essential to building an omnichannel experience that delivers. Brands need to identify and leverage the platforms their clients and prospects frequent. From there, identify a list of touchpoints that resulted in a purchase.

Then use this list to map out an ideal buyer journey for your high-value customers. Your headless CMS should give you the ability to see a single dashboard shot of all the moving pieces. This will also allow you to utilize responsive functionality to push content across channels without creating multiple versions.

Provide support

Teams that harness omnichannel techniques will be better suited for personalization, higher engagement and ultimately stronger retention. In fact, a study by ClickZ found that marketers who use three or more channels enjoy a purchase and engagement rate 250 percent higher than those using a single-channel campaign.

Key to this is a heightened level of support, through both automation and human interaction. Make sure your customers have quick answers to their questions in an easily digestible way. Create how-to videos and FAQs to simplify complex concepts.

All of these types of content and more can be contained within your headless CMS to help you create and deliver rapid paced support and mitigate potential issues. Plus, a headless CMS can future proof your organization from new technology opportunities. With the ability to store raw data, you never have to worry about how your content will appear within a new marketing technology.

The power of omnichannel interaction in today’s marketplace

The reality of today’s customer experience is that brands must stay connected 24/7 to remain top of mind for their audiences. No matter what channel your prospects prefer, a strategic omnichannel customer experience is crucial. This allows you to remove technology barriers and instead provide a one of a kind digital experience when and where your customers need it most.

The functionalities of a headless CMS allow marketers to take control of your marketing collateral, housing brand content and support in an engaging way. By eliminating the need to create multiple presentations, headless CMS can aid in a transition to a smooth omnichannel marketing experience.

Jake Lumetta
Jake Lumetta serves as the founder and CEO of Butter, a seamless CMS with a blazing fast API and marketing dashboard. He is a lover of entrepreneurship, startups and SaaS.


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