4 ways new practitioners can make a splash right away

by | Jun 15, 2017 | Analysis, Public Relations

So, you landed your first job. Congratulations! This accomplishment will pose new challenges in the first days and weeks as you become familiar with your new role. You’ll not only need to learn the inner workings of the job, but also about the company, its work, your colleagues, the culture, onboarding paperwork, getting into a consistent routine—the list goes on.

Overwhelming, right? Well, the truth is, we’ve all been there. So we took a walk down memory lane and compiled some tips to help you succeed during your first 90 days:

Raise your hand…always

Challenge yourself daily. You may be asked to tackle unfamiliar tasks or projects, and that’s okay. Throw yourself into your new role and step out of your comfort zone. You were hired because you have a unique set of skills and experiences, and taking on new projects demonstrates you can tackle any task tossed your way. Coworkers will appreciate your initiative, and be there if you run into roadblocks or have any questions. Raise your hand at every opportunity to learn something new.

Establish expectations

Take time daily to learn what it means to be successful in your role and how that contributes to long-term success. Sit down with your manager to understand how they measure success, and what they expect you learn and accomplish. Set expectations early and be proactive when they change. The clearer the expectations, the easier your transition.

Take a break

Your new colleagues will throw a lot of information at you during the first weeks, and meeting them all can be tiring. Take some time for yourself outside of the office to step away from it all. By resting and regrouping on a regular basis, you’ll be ready to process the new challenges that arise over your first three months on the job.

Have fun

Ask questions. Be confident. Smile and don’t worry about initial missteps. You’re learning, and everyone at your company was in your shoes at some point. Your new colleagues will be happy to guide you and help you be successful in your new role. Come into the office every day with an open mind, and the ambition to hit the ground running.

It takes time to transition into any new position or organization. Work hard and carve out a niche within the organization. Your manager and colleagues will notice and know that they can count on you to produce quality work. Set yourself up for success from day one.

Want to hear more tips and tricks about navigating your first 90 days? Send a comment or query to C. Blohm & Associates at hello@cblohm.com.

Chloe Scheller
Chloe Scheller is an account manager at C. Blohm & Associates, where she oversees the account services team, and the creation and execution of strategic public relations and marketing campaigns.


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