5 solid ways to improve your company’s PR through creativity

by | Oct 11, 2021 | Public Relations

Your public relations team designs the first image that consumers see when they learn about your company. These individuals must be highly creative to attract your customers’ attention and draw them to your products. There are many ways to enhance their imagination and develop winning strategies for your business. Here are five points to improve this department.

Partner with companies that embrace your ideals

You need the correct tools to bring out the creative side of your public relations team. To get this assistance, search for other businesses that can provide you with what you need while encouraging your staff to think outside the box. When you are debating on a blue screen vs green screen for your company videos, work with an organization that will explain the differences and how to make your final products pop out to your consumers. Invest in software and the extra devices that allow your employees to create the advertising and marketing elements that reflect their spirIt.

Make every effort to keep these programs updated and the top of the industry. This concept also applies to the group of people that you lead. Hire individuals with different ideas and backgrounds then encourage them to collaborate with each other. When they put their plans together, they can come up with strategies that are far better than what the competition has.

Study the professionals

When you speak with your public relations professionals, encourage them to study the experts in the PR industry as much as they can. They can read the articles in trade magazines or purchase books on the subject. They can also reach out to those who write these pieces to ask questions. Many of these individuals have social media accounts so they can follow them to get more ideas or advice. When they do this, it can inspire them on their next big idea. Even though the concept has been done, they can tweak it a little to develop a brand new campaign for your company. Researching the professionals can also inform them of the latest trends and tools that are available for their use.

Find a better solution

When your PR staff is developing a campaign, advise them to think of different methods to put together their project. While it might be easier to make something that is similar to the other marketing packages that your company has done, they should strive to develop a more unique solution. Encourage them to deliberate on every idea that they have, even if they feel it is out of place in the situation. Look at the material from multiple perspectives and incorporate as many as you can into the product. This final campaign will draw a great deal of interest from your potential clients if it is distinct and exceptional from what other advertising is offered in your industry.

Work outside of your office

Doing the same thing every day can make it a challenge to feel creative. Find opportunities to organize work time outside of your facility so that your team can relax and enjoy themselves as they create their next project. If the weather is warm, you can sit outside in the sun or move everyone to a local park. Rent a room at the library or a local coffee shop to allow your staff to brainstorm with each other out loud in a place where they are less likely to disturb other co-workers. Set up your network to make it accessible for them to work at home as well. This is also ideal for meeting they might have with clients. They will be able to access their campaigns virtually from the home server if it is made available to them. Being flexible with the location that your public relations staff functions in can assist them in designing a unique and successful product.

Take time to rejuvenate

Setting deadlines can be a motivator to get a project done. However, the constant pressure to develop before a given due date can stagnate your staff’s creativity. Give those in your department plenty of time to finish what they are working on before it is needed. Be flexible with them if they need time off to get out of the office and enjoy themselves. Set aside time during the week so that they can mediate, do yoga, or exercise. Order in lunch or give away prizes to your employees to show them that you are appreciative for the effort they are putting towards your company. A happy public relations team will be more successful creating amazing campaigns for your potential customers than one that feels less than appreciated.

Supporting the creativity of your public relations department puts your company in a favorable light with your customers. Whether it is being flexible with where they work or with their schedules, suggesting that they follow the experts in the field, or encouraging them to think differently than they normally do, you can boost their imagination and assist them in designing successful campaigns for your organization.

Kevin Gardner
Kevin Gardner graduated with a BS in Computer Science. He works as a business consultant for InnovateBTS, where he helps companies integrate technology to improve performance. He shares his knowledge and expertise not only with his clients but with his fellow bloggers and readers.


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