5 tips for building closer relationships with your older customers

by | Jun 17, 2021 | Public Relations

Although your business might be successful, to ensure that this success lasts, you need to make sure that you develop close relationships with your older customers that will keep them returning to your company. In addition, developing these relationships can help you to lessen the impact of most common PR disasters that you might come across within your business’s first years.

Start a direct mail campaign

Even if you have developed a complex digital marketing campaign that enables you to attract as many customers as possible, it is important not to forget about physical marketing methods, particularly if your target audience is older or less tech-savvy. If you are marketing toward those who might not spend every single moment of the day online, you should consider starting a direct mail marketing campaign. Not only can this allow you to reach more customers, but direct mail campaigns can create a deeper and more individual connection with people by advertising to them within their own homes.

Maintain great customer service

Although younger customers might value speed and modernity, good customer service is vital for many older people. They might be looking for a personalized experience where they can receive advice about the best products for them and where they feel comfortable asking basic questions. You should also try to stay empathetic toward them if they have any issues and try to offer them a variety of options that will allow them to get the response they are looking for. This will ensure that your business can maintain a great reputation and that these customers will spread good stories about your company through word of mouth.

Listen to their feedback

Older customers want to be listened to. Listening to their feedback can ensure that your brand maintains a great image as you will be showing that you respect and care for your customers. To do this, you should carry out surveys and respond to any feedback that is given to you in reviews and in-person. You should then make sure that you work through all of this feedback and that you make changes that reflect it. When you implement these changes, you should mention that these have been implemented in response to feedback, as this will show that you are proactively trying to give your customers what they want.

Host in-store events

Although millennials might prefer digital events, hosting in-store events can be a great way to make connections with the older members of your community. Not only will events allow your older customers to see what your store is all about and get an idea about what your values are, but they can also show that you are trying to help and be part of the local community. If you want to improve your PR from in-store events, you should also let the press know of any events that you are hosting.

Create a loyalty scheme

Nothing goes down better than a loyalty scheme, which can encourage customers to return to your business by promising them a reward. This helps to nudge customers toward your business rather than your competition and can show that you respect your customer’s business. This loyalty scheme does not have to be excessive and can simply involve a coupon every so often.

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