5 tips for developing an effective litigation PR strategy

by | May 2, 2022 | Public Relations

Having a good public relations strategy is important for marketing and maintaining a positive reputation for any business. Law firms are no different in this regard, as keeping up a strong image for the firm is crucial for an effective legal strategy. Litigation public relations differs in some ways from standard public relations strategies, as they are more catered specifically to maintaining a positive legal standing rather than just a good reputation. Knowing the right decisions to make can help both your law firm’s image as well as its status in legal proceedings. Read on to find five ways of developing a strong PR strategy.

1. Understand your law firm’s purpose

No matter where your law firm operates, every aspect of the team matters. Operating from Oregon, for instance, would require everything from a good team of lawyers to a select group of the best court reporters Portland can provide. When you have everything set, the next thing you should do is identify the core goals of your law firm’s public relations strategy and how you want your image to reflect this team you have assembled.

Make a list of what you want your law firm to represent and what kind of image you want the name of your firm to evoke in advertisements. Setting up a solid and cohesive image is the first part toward marketing your business, and creating set standards for your firm from the beginning is the way to go for a reputable image.

2. Market your law firm

Public relations are all about establishing a connection between your business and your client base, and marketing is the key to PR in every field. Getting the image of your legal team out in the public eye is all about building a reputation for your group. In your marketing materials, your goal should be to create an image that your potential clients can trust.

PR is not just about responding to questions and concerns people have, but also about establishing your business in the public space. Be proactive with how you get your legal firm’s image out in the open. Craft your PR strategy around how responsive your team can be as well as your trustworthy image. If you keep your business visible, your law firm will be what potential clients will think of when they need legal help.

3. Establish your law firm’s credibility

A litigation PR strategy involves multiple aspects that make it different from the average business PR strategy. While standard public relations procedures do apply, litigation PR is also largely involved in the legal side of things, such as the specific nature of any given case and courtroom proceeding. How your team presents itself in court cases is imperative to maintaining good credibility. You can reflect your credibility in your marketing materials as well in the form of testimonials to support your law firm’s standing in court.

4. Define your end goal

When developing your PR strategy, try to take a holistic approach. Ask yourself what you want your law firm to look like in five or even ten years. With your eye on the future, you can craft a tangible image of where you want your law firm to go and how you want your PR team to reflect those goals.

5. Be persuasive

Great things start with a desire to improve. When advertising your standing as a law firm, be proactive in how you pursue your goals and present your team. Convince potential clients that your team is the right one to choose for legal proceedings. In your responses to questions, be persuasive and firm in your conduct while still giving your team an approachable and trustworthy appearance.


A good PR team is critical to keeping a positive image for any business. With the right experience and cooperation with your team members, your law firm can reach the exact image you want to create for it.

Lewis Robinson
Lewis Robinson is a business consultant specializing in CRM and sales. He's begun multiple corporations and currently freelances as a writer and personal consultant.