5 tips for finding and recruiting top-notch PR writers

by | Dec 16, 2022 | Public Relations

If you want to see better results in your PR and marketing campaigns, you need great copywriters to write compelling copy. Skilled writers who fit in with the rest of your organization will have an easier time collaborating in teams and producing materials that get better results. Read on to learn how you can find and recruit these writers:

Understand your needs

Before you can start picking a copywriter, you need to take a moment to understand your needs as an organization. Who are you looking for and what are the best ways to find copywriters? Consider the following:

  • Number of people: How many people do you need to hire currently? How many people do you suspect you’ll need in the future?
  • Specific roles: What specific roles are these people going to occupy? For example, are you looking for a general PR professional who can handle various responsibilities within the department, or would you prefer a copywriting specialist who focuses exclusively on one type of writing?
  • Background requirements: What skills, experience, or credentials are these people going to need before you consider hiring them? Broader criteria lead to a bigger pool of applicants, while narrower criteria lead to much more specifically qualified candidates, so both approaches have their advantages.
  • Fit requirements: How should this person fit with the rest of your organization? What type of personality should they have, and how should they get along with others? Don’t neglect this side of the recruiting and hiring process.
  • Budget: You’ll also need to think about how much you’re willing to spend. Spending more money on job ads, bonuses, and even employee salaries can make recruiting easy work, but it also eats into your bottom line.
  • Timing: How quickly do you need to fill these positions? If time is on your side, you can afford to be pickier.

Improve the culture

Next, work on improving your organizational culture. The better the culture is within your organization, the easier it will be to find interested applicants. While there is no singular “correct” organizational culture, and you have lots of flexibility in how you build your workplace culture, there are some hallmarks of workplace culture that are more attractive and more successful than others.
For example, inclusive, respectful, and flexible environments almost always attract more and better candidates. Take this time to analyze your existing culture, improve it, and make sure your company is staying true to these values.

Prepare job descriptions

When preparing job descriptions, you’ll need to be as specific as possible to adequately prepare people for their roles, but you should also describe each job in a way that makes it sound appealing. Look for examples of job descriptions for similar positions, analyze them, and learn from the factors that make them work.

Use multiple mediums

When you’re ready to start with outreach, use multiple mediums to search for candidates.

  • Referrals: Ask your existing employees and partners if they have any recommendations for writers to bring on your staff. Employee referrals are typically a great way to fill open positions.
  • Third parties: Are there any third parties you can work with? For example, you may be able to find qualified contractors on a freelancing website, or you can work with a temp agency to find part-time workers.
  • Job boards: Feel free to use one or more of the many job boards that are available to companies around the country. While some of these platforms cost money, your jobs will get plenty of exposure.
  • Social media: You should also post about your openings on social media. The bigger your following is, the more effective this strategy is going to be.
  • Direct outreach: If you’re interested in a more aggressive recruiting strategy, consider direct outreach. Motivate your recruiters to reach out to qualified individuals who might be a perfect fit for your team.

Offer more incentives and bonuses

If you’re having trouble finding enough applicants, or if you can’t close the deal on your new recruits, consider offering more incentives or bonuses. A $1,000 sign-on bonus can instantly make a job more attractive to just about anyone. If you can’t offer more money or direct bonuses, you may be able to attract more applicants by offering more appealing benefits and perks. Even simple improvements to daily working life, like dedicated parking spaces, can make a big difference.

You’re not going to completely overhaul your PR writer recruiting strategy overnight, but each positive change you make to your strategy is going to help you yield better results. Optimize your approach one step at a time and measure your effectiveness so you can prove the value of your results.

Larry Alton
Larry Alton is a freelance tech and computer writer


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