5 tips for maintaining a happy PR team

by | May 25, 2021 | Public Relations

Having an effective PR team is important for business owners. One way to ensure this effectiveness is to keep your team relatively satisfied. So, here are five tips for maintaining a happy PR team.

1. Create financial stability

No matter what department you’re working with, financial stability will be wanted. After all, compensation is probably the main reason your employees are working. If you can’t continually pay your PR department on time, it’s unlikely that your workers will be content or motivated. Because of this, it’s vital to stay organized when it comes to payment. Keep track of everyone’s compensation and take notes when something goes wrong. You may want to use an organizational program, such as a pay stub template Excel. If you’re continually having issues with providing compensation, sit down with your workers and discuss the problem.

2. Provide defined goals

In order to maintain an effective PR department, your team needs to have clear, defined goals to strive for. Therefore, your employees will have an easier time if you discuss these goals. Consider how you want customers to view your company. When you have a meeting with your PR team, talk about this ideal image and set personalized goals to reach it. It’s also important to define more general goals. One important one is controlling the conversation surrounding your business. Rumors, slander and incorrect information shouldn’t be circling through the media. Another important goal is improving brand awareness. Your company, especially if it’s newer, needs to become more recognizable.

3. Choose important causes

Managing your company’s brand image can be difficult at times. One way to help your PR team with this task is to choose a cause. As of late, customers are highly interested in social, political and environmental causes. You may gain customers purely through supporting certain organizations or people. Therefore, choosing a cause or two can make your PR team’s job easier. Be sure to discuss this with your team before deciding on anything. Your employees will likely have a good idea about what causes will work the best, particularly with local customers. Picking a cause can also be good for morale. While supporting something may be an effective marketing tool, it also allows you to assist people in need. This may help your PR team feel more fulfilled.

4. Get the right team

When you’re forming any team, it’s essential to get the right people. Putting the wrong team together could cause unnecessary drama and reduce efficiency. Remember that expertise and experience isn’t everything. While you will want people with previous experience, especially for leadership positions, less trained employees can still prove effective. Pay substantial attention to personality and raw talent. Make sure that the candidates are positive, diplomatic and willing to collaborate. You may even want to have a trial period, mainly to see how well your team works together. It’s also essential that PR workers are organized and responsible. Since PR involves the public opinion of your company, it’s essential that your workers aren’t prone to making mistakes. Finally, you’ll want to hire some technically proficient team members. Since modern PR is heavily based online, having someone with technical skills can be helpful.

5. Make a clear plan

If you want your team to be successful, you need to lay out a clear plan. Part of this involves creating more specific goals. Try to expand on your defined goals from earlier. Next, you’ll want to determine and research your intended audience. Decide what types of customers your company wants to target. This could be anything from college students to senior citizens. Do some research on these individuals, specifically regarding what PR techniques will work best. Afterward, create strategies for reaching your goals. You’ll also want to make a key message that can be shared on multiple platforms. Once this has been completed, make sure the PR budget is discussed. Your team needs to know how much money is available. By giving your team this information, you’re allowing your workers to be informed and focused.

If your PR team is happy and satisfied, your company may stand a better chance of thriving in the public eye.

Lewis Robinson
Lewis Robinson is a business consultant specializing in CRM and sales. He's begun multiple corporations and currently freelances as a writer and personal consultant.