5 ways business communicators can use technology to their advantage

by | Sep 21, 2018 | Analysis, Public Relations

Staying current with the latest business trends available is not merely helpful—it’s essential to the longevity of your business. Only 12 percent of Fortune 500 companies operating in 1955 survived to the year 2016. You can be sure that the ones that thrived were those that best adapted to their changing environment.

To effectively raise your game these days often involves staying in touch with the latest that technology has to offer. The internet keeps getting faster, security keeps becoming more sophisticated, and automation continues to trim tedious duties from everyday work. Below, we further explore tools available that will help you succeed.

5 ways business communicators can use technology to their advantage

Backup software

Having up-to-date backup software ensures continuity in the aftermath of a threat that could otherwise result in costly downtime. Ransomware is also becoming an ever-present cyber threat, so having a countermeasure under your belt will help you keep your pace. When it comes down to it, the data your business uses is the most important asset you have, so it only makes sense to protect it at all costs.

Application programming interfaces

Using only one form of communication with customers is simple enough to keep track of, but nowadays, multiple ways of connecting are essential. APIs are interfaces that allow for companies to sync multiple platforms.

This software works by allowing developers and others to access product information, which grants third-party sites the ability to sell another company’s products quickly and easily on their own website. This helps to facilitate a streamlined experience for customers and thus benefits customer satisfaction.

Comprehensive social media

Research suggests that social media implemented as part of a larger marketing effort offers the greatest benefit to the company. Use of social media is already huge, and users are projected to reach 3 billion by 2021. With social media, you are able to put your brand in front of the eyes of more people than ever before, with an unprecedented ability to interact. Generally speaking, the more platforms you have, the better, since mere exposure does your brand favor.

5 ways business communicators can use technology to their advantage

Another facet of social media that can be used to your advantage is the use of analytic data. Instead of blindly looking for new customers or clients, you can target those who may be seeking a product or service that you have to offer with the analytics collected by social media.

Live video

Platforms like Facebook allow for live streaming, which consequently grants you a boost in exposure rates. This is because social media algorithms favor those who opt to use the “Live” feature since they know the broadcast is time-sensitive. The charm for live video comes from its unrefined, honest aesthetic.

Broadcasting live also encourages viewer interaction in ways that other posts simply do not. Often there will be a scrolling feed of comments by people watching, encouraging comments and conversation about what they are viewing. The companies that are best able to utilize this functionality will reap the reward of increased viewership and preference accordingly.

Quality original content

Companies that take on content creation as part of their brand see great success in doing so. If you can afford to go the extra mile and regularly post original content, you will likely see an uptick in followership and engagement. This may take some creativity to get started, and perhaps there simply isn’t room for something like this in your company – but most can make it work.

5 ways business communicators can use technology to their advantage

If you are a clothing store, consider starting a fashion blog that offers tips and editorials. If you are a brewery, consider having articles dedicated to each different beer or a taster’s blog. Learning how to come up with content grants you an unlimited supply of material to release into the world and hook people in.

Having original content also serves an extra benefit, since it boosts your SEO rankings. This will make your brand more relevant when it comes to searches.

Go mobile

Trends indicate that mobile technology is the way of the future, so having a website that’s hideous on a phone’s internet browser will deter many potential customers. At one point in time, having a website that appeared aesthetically on a laptop was enough, but the ante has since been raised.

5 ways business communicators can use technology to their advantage

Spend time navigating websites on your smartphone, and see which ones you like versus ones you dislike. Chances are, people will agree with your findings. Regularly take a look at how your current readout presents on mobile platforms to make sure no glaring eyesores have been overlooked.

Consistency across platforms

Your brand should have a cohesive and identifiable look to it, which remains static across different websites and platforms. If your brand looks different every time, it becomes confusing and difficult for people to become familiar with it.

One of the major advantages of modern online survey techniques involves accessing highly specific or unusual sectors of the population. Unique groups and communities exist only in cyberspace, allowing for optimal survey targeting. Meeting face-to-face to discuss specific topics like online dating or stock trading could be an otherwise tedious or impossible undertaking, yet the diversity of internet communities offers groups of people ready and willing to discuss such topics.

In addition, many people find the anonymity of online surveys comforting and are thus more likely to provide candid input on embarrassing or taboo topics.

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