5 ways to embrace content marketing trends that dominate in 2021

by | Jun 28, 2021 | Analysis, Public Relations

In recent years, organizations that incorporated content marketing in their businesses have reported high revenues. To maintain that growth and relevance, marketers must stay updated with the ever-fluctuating content marketing landscape. If there is anything we have learned with the COVID-19 lockdown, it’s that if your business isn’t online, it does not exist. Almost every sale has moved online, and it’s not going to change in the near future.

However, with the ability to accelerate changes and trends in audience behaviors based on technology updates and trends, you will be able to amend your approach. In 2021, content marketing trends will constantly evolve as marketers gear up to surpass the obstacles that materialized in 2020.

To help you succeed, here are 5 content marketing trends you need to incorporate into the marketing campaigns for your brands.

5 ways to embrace content marketing trends that dominate in 2021

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1. Content is huge part of buyer journey

Lots of people are still stuck at home. To remain connected to the outside world, everyone is forced to use technology. Regardless of age, customers use technology often and are more web-savvy. They expect a speedy answer or else move to the next page right away. Your content must do an excellent job to fulfill those immediate needs by making it easy to find solutions. Ensure you create content that addresses popular questions you are receiving. Your content must be engaging and of high quality to rank and appeal to your audience.

2. Doubling down on SEO

In the world of SEO, it’s not a matter of how much you do but how you do it. SEO requires more action and much of your time. If you want long-term success, take these actions: create unique posts relevant to your site that provide value to your readers, and the link juice will nicely flow to your site. Remember that if you purchase a guest post on a site of contrary niche with yours, Google will view it as spamming links and penalize you. For your content to do well in SEO, study it well and produce the right content.

Just as great marketing won’t help sell bad products, advanced SEO is useless if you don’t have quality content. Thus, create a solid SEO strategy by digging into keyword research, and it will open doors by telling you precisely what readers are looking for based on what they are searching for. Once you have a keyword in place, craft original content that will bring long-term success. You are sharing your brand with the world, so ensure your content is plagiarism-free by using a free online plagiarism checker. Good writing is appealing and will sell itself. Don’t flood your audiences with just any content—ensure it is high quality and free from plagiarism.

3. Repurposing content to different networks

This is the most beneficial content marketing trend. Once you have spent time writing high-quality content, you want to share it with the world in every manner possible. Repurposing is the right way to do this. It enhances your organic search, puts you in front of different audiences, and saves you a lot of time. Simply put, it means repackaging your content in various formats to suit these audiences. For instance, try creating infographics from stats and research, entrenching YouTube videos on your blog, turning blog posts into newspaper content or ebooks, transliterating YouTube videos and dispensing them as blog content, newsletters, or podcasts.

5 ways to embrace content marketing trends that dominate in 2021

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4. Improve user experiences

Have you ever clicked on an article you want to read but it was full of ad panels and pop-ups? Such an experience is awful, and many times you close the page without even reading anything on the page. So focusing on user experience will be a crucial content marketing trend in 2021, whether it’s better UX or interactive content.

You need to focus on experience to drive ROI with content. This means that for users to stay on your website, first they have to love your writing, eventually find what they are looking for, and finally enter the sales funnel.

5. Value-driven content will upsurge

Every day, clients are bombarded with all kinds of content, which means that they will be picky about choosing where their attention will go. This will have an impact on the way brands distribute content. The days are gone where you can simply put out free emails for bad guides and ebooks. Readers won’t be willing to share their details in exchange for mediocre content. Brands will have to think of value-driven content marketing and ways to highlight their value right away.

Before you create your content, first understand your customers’ needs and why they use your brand.  Rather than just showing what your brand will do, provide concrete suggestions and ideas that showcase how you will help solve their problems. For instance, for a brand with a SaaS-style product with the goal of increasing sign-ups, you can provide valuable tools like Chrome extension or else lean heavily on brand awareness and education content. When producing content, always think of the end-customer and how the content will benefit them long-term, not just to help you meet specific quotas or grow your reputation.


As more and more businesses are investing in online marketing, competition is inevitable. Everyone is forced to invest more money and time to get their content noticed. However, extra effort with your creativity will always win over a huge budget when it comes to content marketing. Fast-evolving technology and the pandemic are changing the methods by which content is delivered. Some years back, just creating visual content and excellent videos was enough to engage customers. But now you have to incorporate advanced channels and content formats to stand out. The overall focus is to create high-quality content that will do a lot for your business without taking a lot of your resources.

Harry Southworth
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