5 ways to use product packaging as a marketing tool

by | Oct 11, 2022 | Marketing, Public Relations

Packaging plays a vital role in protecting a package during transportation. If the packaging chosen for a product is wrong, it might damage a product. The right packaging can not only protect a product, it can also impress customers. Products can be seen as blank canvases and its packaging can help it to stand out from other products. When a customer receives a product, its packaging forms an important part of the experience of the customer. The packaging is an extension of the marketing department of a company, and given below are ways in which to use packaging as a marketing tool.

Be inspirational

For a product to stand out in crowded shelves, it needs an eye-catching packaging design. If non-eco-friendly materials are used for packaging, potential customers might not choose a product. For instance, Motiv, China’s oldest healthcare brand, wanted a balance between heritage and modernity and its packaging ended up giving a contemporary twist to patterns inherited from traditional Chinese pottery.

Go against the grain

A simple way to stand out with packaging is to do something that others are not. Doing research on the packaging of competitors and then doing something completely different will always help. This may appear to be a risky strategy but if the execution is right, the strategy may pay dividends. Using a different color palette or designing a custom box may go a long way in making the packaging seem different and unique.

Align packaging with marketing campaigns

When a company designs a marketing campaign, all the different types of promotional activities such as commercials on TV, web ads, or promotional content on social media platforms have a similar look and feel. Packaging can also be added to a marketing mix. For instance, Fishwife created brightly-colored tin packaging for its shelf-stable tinned fish. Just adding a pop of color or a logo to packaging can make it feel like part of a whole. For instance, Nike Air uses packaging that allows the customers to see the product. Origami tea bags look like origami birds and are aligned with the name of the brand.

Add information

The packaging of a product can provide customers with valuable information. It can provide important information such as ingredients and directions for use. Other than that the packaging of a product can also provide valuable information about a brand. Some beverage brands offer interesting bits of trivia on their bottle caps. There could also be customer service information like customer details for feedback. Most importantly, packaging should be transparent and not mislead the customers in any way.

Create holiday-themed packaging

Holiday-themed packaging looks nice and helps to spread festive joy. When variation is created in packaging, it helps to retain customer attention. There can be seasonal packaging and specific colors can be used for specific seasons. For customers who are not crafty, festive packaging is a big plus as they do need to make an extra effort with wrapping gifts.

Mike Paffmann
Mike Paffmann is CEO of Virgo-PR.


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