6 clever ways a PR team can promote sales

by | Apr 23, 2021 | Public Relations

No matter the line of work, an increase in sales is a driving point behind most departments. While many people think that public relations simply handles press releases, this division has a strong ability to influence sales. Below are six ways that your PR department can help your company reach its sales goals.

Utilize sales packages

Whether your focus is on manufacturing sales growth, selling overstock inventory or something in between, sales packets can be used to push PR goals. Sales packets are collections of materials distributed to potential buyers to educate them on a business’ offerings. A variety of items can be included, such as pamphlets, DVDs, charts, graphs and business cards

As this package goes to numerous people interested in your company, the PR team should include their current articles within it. This not only helps drive sales but also gives the consumer a better understanding of your business’ products and principles.

Develop a newsworthy framework

If your PR department can create eye-catching write-ups that grab the media’s attention, this puts the spotlight on your company and gives you a chance to promote your products. If your team is pumping out generic, monotonous content, not only will it slide past the media’s attention, but chances are it will be overlooked by your potential buyers as well. Make sure the information developed by the team is quality checked to confirm the content is engaging and newsworthy.

Use social media

In today’s age of technology, your PR team must have a rigorous understanding of social media. Not only do most businesses have a strong online presence nowadays, but more importantly, consumers get so much information from social media that your company needs to be a part of what they see.

Your PR department should utilize your social media pages to promote the department’s stories. As soon as a write-up is released, it needs to be highlighted on social media. Instead of just including a link to the release, a compelling summary of the article should be included, in order to grab the user’s attention.

Create distinctive content

One of the best things your PR team can do to engage media and news outlets is by creating distinctive and targeted content with each story. While some content needs a more inclusive theme, the more custom the information is to specific people and locations, the better.

You want the articles to make a connection with the local people; by tailoring each write-up to the population as much as possible, consumers will likely relate to the piece and therefore engage with it. Research local areas and consumers before writing an article to ensure it is customized as much as possible.

Connect to origins in an article

When a PR feature is published, make sure there are links to pertinent sources in the article. Doing this helps support the content in each article, and thereby shows your proficiency in the business. It also builds trust with consumers.

Use PR features as advertisements

The more outlets to promote a PR write-up, the better. Treating the article as an advertisement is a fantastic way to get the information to a broader audience. Showcase the article the same way you would showcase an advertisement.

If you are utilizing an online platform and cannot post the entire article, include a summary and link, similar to social media posts. Present the information on your website; if you have content on a different site, make sure the article is posted on that site as well or a link is added leading to the appropriate page on your website. If you are meeting consumers in person, such as at a business convention, utilize your PR material to engage individuals.

A clever PR team plays a pivotal role in growing a business’ sales. The key is ensuring they are taking the proper steps to captivate customers. Ensure your PR team is utilizing these tactics to promote sales growth in your company.

Lewis Robinson
Lewis Robinson is a business consultant specializing in CRM and sales. He's begun multiple corporations and currently freelances as a writer and personal consultant.


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