6 solid ways to sustain a great brand image

by | Jul 14, 2021 | Public Relations

To stop you from having to deal with public relations disasters every five minutes, you must be able to sustain a great brand image from the moment that you open your doors to far into the future. However, sustaining a great brand image throughout the everyday running of your business can turn out to be more difficult than you expect. Then, here are a few top tips that can help you to ensure that customers always look favorably on your brand.

Hire a specialist digital marketing agency

One of the biggest aspects of running a business that can make a difference to your public image is your marketing campaigns. Marketing is incredibly important if you want to get your audience on your side and convince them that you are a reliable and genuine firm that can provide them with high-quality products for a fantastic price. To sustain a great brand image through your marketing campaigns, you should focus these campaigns on your brand’s story, ensure that your audience can see the team behind your products, and make sure that you answer any questions or concerns that your customers may have about your products before they even think of them. Suppose you are struggling to develop a consistent campaign that can allow you to connect with your customers and get more leads. In that case, you should consider investing in a specialist HVAC digital marketing agency that is experienced in developing campaigns for your industry.

Create a mission statement

You need to think about how the public will view your business long before you open your doors, though. One of the first steps that you should take when you open your business is to create a mission statement that defines all of your company’s values. This mission statement should also discuss how your company intends to give back and make life better for others, as well as the story behind the opening of your business. By developing your mission statement, you will be able to return to the guidelines that you have set out for your business throughout its growth and ensure that you are always making decisions that are in line with your company’s aims.

In terms of your brand image, this mission statement is also important as many customers are extremely aware of the ethics of the brands that they decide to support and are looking for conscious and forward-thinking companies. To make sure that the public knows about your aims and what is important to your company, you should make sure that you display this mission statement in an easily accessible location, such as on a dedicated page on your website.

Help out your local community

As well as saying how you are going to change the world, though, to create a great brand image, you also need to act on your mission statement. One of the best ways to do this is to help out in your local community. Not only will this show you as a caring and responsible brand, but it will also increase your visibility in terms of local customers who might be interested in the products that you have to offer.

For instance, you might decide to help out your community by attending events such as fairs, by setting up charity drives and events, even if this is as simple as arranging a litter picking day, by sponsoring annual celebrations, and by doing other good deeds, such as offering discounts or freebies to local residents or letting your shop out to community groups if you have space.

You can also take this a step further by helping out charitable organizations or setting up your own scheme for causes outside of the community. For instance, you might decide to donate a certain amount of your proceeds to a certain charity that your brand supports. You should always research these charities beforehand, though, to ensure that their values are in line with yours and that there is no controversy surrounding them. Additionally, you might consider responding to relevant news stories and social issues that come up while your business is open.

Treat your employees well

One way to destroy your brand image, though, is to fail to treat your employees well, as these employees are your spokespeople in the world and will be certain to tell others about their experience of working at your company. Then, you should make sure that you always put in the extra effort when it comes to your employees. Not only should you try to give them perks for getting the job done, but you should also make sure that you reward them for their hard work and that you give them all the tools that they need for success, such as training.

You should make sure that they have a great working environment to work in, as well as good management, and that you do not try to save money by cutting down on valued employees or by leaving your business short-staffed. It is also necessary to focus on the quality of life of your employees as well as their career success, and you can do this by giving them days off for compassionate reasons, building facilities such as gyms for them, and giving them access to resources that can help their mental health if they need it. You should also make sure that you give them progression opportunities and that you can create a positive company culture for them.

Deal quickly with issues

However, it is inevitable that, either on a large or a small scale, things will go wrong at some time during your business’s future. Rather than ignoring these issues as they arise, though, you should make sure that you can deal with these issues quickly and transparently. Then, you will be able to turn your customer’s experience around, and your customers will leave thinking about your business in a positive light. For instance, if you are trying to deal with a small issue, such as a broken item, you should give your customer what they want and more, allowing them to have the best experience possible despite the problems that they have had. You should also ensure that you have a quick response time to this issue if you are communicating with them online.

Suppose it is a large issue, though, like a data breach. In that case, you should ensure that you contact all of the affected customers first, explain what you are going to do about the issue and what they can do to prevent further damage, and that you also explain what has happened on your social media pages. This can help stop what could be a huge PR disaster in its tracks and show your company to be trustworthy even in the most difficult times.

Get great reviews

Your brand’s image can be quickly tainted on the internet by a bad review. This means that it is paramount that you can manage your views and keep track of what is being said about your business before it has the potential to go viral. However, you should never delete reviews as this may look to your customers as if you are covering up issues. Instead, you should put good reviews on your website and consider responding to bad reviews explaining what you can do to help the disgruntled customer in question. This will then help you to sustain a great brand image for years to come.

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