6 ways you can use video content to increase your website’s conversion rate

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Video is becoming an increasingly popular way of businesses communicating with their target customers, because this form of content is engaging and easy to consume while multitasking. Adding video content to your website can also increase your web traffic, engage your audience, and even improve your conversion rate.

Let’s look at six ways you can use video content to increase your website’s conversion rate and drive sales that will help grow your business.

6 ways you can use video content to increase your website's conversion rate

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1. Use video testimonials to prove you’re great at what you do

One way to improve your website’s conversion rate is to ensure it’s designed to earn visitors’ trust. And providing positive reviews from past customers can really help with this.

Video testimonials, in particular, offer a great way to increase your site’s conversion rate because they feature real customers, allowing viewers to see someone like them sharing a positive experience they had with your products or services. And, unlike written testimonials, video testimonials allow potential customers to put a face to the positive reviews you’ve received, which makes them seem more personal and meaningful.

Make sure your video testimonials are short and focus on a specific aspect of your products or services like your customer service, the quality of your products, or the value you brought to your customers. You can place your video testimonials on your homepage, product pages, and about us page to ensure customers find them before buying.

2. Create videos that show your products in the best light

The best way to drive conversions is to get people excited about your products. And video content offers a great way to promote your offerings since it is visual and engaging. You can use videos on your site to show how your products work, how customers can apply your products or services to their needs, and how easy it is for customers to use your products or solutions.

Let’s take a look at a company that uses videos to show how their products bring excitement and entertainment to their customers.

Aerial Wakeboarding, an online distributor of wakeboards, uses product videos on their homepage to show their wakeboarding towers and accessories in action. These high-quality videos show customers using the products and the style of the videos shows potential customers that they can have a lot of fun with the wakeboards and accessories sold on the site.

6 ways you can use video content to increase your website's conversion rate

You can use similar videos on your site to improve your conversion rate. This is because you can use videos to show off the quality of the products you offer by showing them doing their jobs. These videos can help position your products as a great solution for your target audience, and this can lead to more sales.

Another excellent example comes from SchoolLockers.com, an online seller of storage and locker units. Its storage cabinets page features a product videot, which shows potential customers the product being used so they can imagine themselves using similar items. This type of video helps customers understand the value of a storage unit before purchasing, and this can build trust as they look for new ways to add more storage space to their homes or workplaces.

6 ways you can use video content to increase your website's conversion rate

Video content like this can help increase your site’s conversion rate by showing customers the quality and value of your products before they purchase from you. Be sure to publish this type of video content on different pages across your site to show off your products or services and engage your customers to drive more sales.

3. Introduce customers to your staff through videos

You can also use video content to introduce your team and help put a face to your business. It’s a great way to introduce potential customers to employees they may work with after they make a purchase. You can provide behind-the-scenes videos to show your employees interacting with customers or enjoying themselves at work, for instance, to show that future clients will receive excellent customer service.

This can also work if you are in the process of building a remote team. Your potential customers may have questions about how you will be able to provide them with the same level of service if your team is not in the same location. You can use video content to show that even though your team is remote, they are still available and willing to help.

Let’s look at a company that does a great job of using videos to introduce their staff and make their business seem far more approachable.

Monmouth County Criminal Lawyers has video content right on their homepage that helps viewers learn more about the attorneys who work at the law firm.

6 ways you can use video content to increase your website's conversion rate

Set to inspirational music, the video features their criminal attorneys discussing why they chose their career paths and how they aim to help their clients. These videos provide valuable insight into the firm and can help potential clients understand the passion and dedication that their lawyer will have when working on their case. You can use videos like this to show your employees interacting with customers so your audience knows they will work with real people they can trust.

You can also use videos to introduce customers to your staff by creating videos that show your staff interacting with customers or products at work. Be sure to include some personal tidbits, like your staff members’ hobbies or favorite products, to help prospective clients connect with your workers, too.

4. Use video content to make important information more interesting

No matter what niche your business serves, there will be essential information that you need potential customers or clients to know so they can make the most of what you have to offer. However, these details may not be the most exciting or engaging to read about. So, you may want to consider leveraging video content to make these tidbits of information easier to digest.

For instance, you can create videos that explain your warranty policies, product maintenance tips, or how to assemble your items. Not only will this make the critical information more accessible, but it will address common questions your customers may have. As a result, the videos can provide vital information that your customers need to convince them to choose your products or services over those offered by your competitors.

For example, the car dealership Armen Cadillac uses video content to explain the benefits of their extended warranty program. They also add context by referencing customers who spent lots of money on repairs that this program could have covered.

6 ways you can use video content to increase your website's conversion rate

Instead of relying on written content that likely would have been a chore to read, Armen Cadillac uses these videos to explain details about the extended warranty program and provide a more enjoyable experience. This can result in more sales of the company’s extended warranties.

You can use video content to make important information more interesting, too. These videos can provide a much more engaging experience for your audience, and this can lead to a higher conversion rate.

5. Help customers feel connected to you with behind-the-scenes footage

By filming videos that take viewers on a behind-the-scenes tour of your warehouse, factory, or office space, you can help them connect with your brand. Let your customers see where your products are made and how your services are carried out so they understand the quality of what you have to offer. This can lead to customers trusting your brand and choosing to buy from you instead of your competitors.

The best types of behind-the-scenes videos will show your employees creating your products or services. For instance, you could put together a video that shows how your products are packaged, or how your employees test the products before they are sent out to customers. You can even show customer service representatives interacting with customers to show the high level of customer care you deliver to each person you serve.

You can use videos to show the value that your company brings to each customer, too, to help drive more sales from your website.

6. Make your written content more engaging with video

Not every customer likes to consume content in the same way. While some people like to read detailed written content, others may not have the time or interest to read lots of text. This means you may wish to use videos in your content to help customers with different preferences consume your content and engage with your brand.

Let’s take a look at an organization that does a great job of incorporating videos into its written content to make it more engaging.

Victoria University Online has incorporated video content into its blog post about studying to help explain why online learning with Victoria University is the right choice for busy professionals. The video does a great job of highlighting how Victoria University Online helps students to balance their learning alongside their current obligations, and also how they help people to find work after graduating.

Because it provides information about the true value of studying at this particular university, it’s likely to grab the attention of people who read the institution’s blog post and convince more people to enroll at the school.

6 ways you can use video content to increase your website's conversion rate

Since the article is about online study tips, this video supports the notion that students can find great success in an online academic environment, making it a valuable addition to their post.

The video also helps to build a personal connection with viewers in a way that the written content can’t, since videos show body language and eye contact. Plus, this video format delivers information to the audience who might not have the time to read the entire blog post. As a result, Victoria University Online can reach a wider audience and make a deeper connection with their audience. This could then lead to more conversions for the company.

You can use the same approach by adding a video to your blog posts and web pages to make a personal connection with your audience and improve the engagement levels of your website visitors.


Video content is quickly gaining popularity among consumers looking for ways to consume information easily. You don’t need to buy professional gear to get started—even a simple interview filmed on your smartphone can significantly benefit your website.

Take the time to generate videos that will engage your target audience and showcase what your business has to offer by showing your products in the best light, introducing customers to your employees, and making your written content more engaging.

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