7 ways to use PR strategies to reduce e-commerce return rates

by | May 11, 2024 | Public Relations

Return rates are critical metrics in e-commerce and can directly influence operational efficiency and profitability. Companies aim at keeping the figures low to avoid decline of profits and damage of brand image. 

Amidst this common challenge among businesses, there are approaches you can take to mitigate returns, one being strategic public relations initiatives. When done correctly, they will build trust in your brand, which matters in a competitive market. 

This blog post explores some of the top ways PR strategies help curb return rates.

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Streamline the e-commerce returns management process

As you strive to achieve better customer satisfaction, leveraging technology can be helpful. This translates to both efficiency and cutting costs in the returns processing. Consider making a returns management process as part of your broader PR strategy. It lets you preserve your image in the industry while protecting your business from avoidable losses. You’ll also remain competitive in the industry, giving your venture resilience.

These returns management systems also allow sound integration with other platforms, such as customer service and inventory systems, leading to more efficiency. Manual errors, on the other hand, will be reduced through the automation of tasks such as product inspection, refund processing, and return authorization

Leveraging user-generated content for social proof

The testimonials, social media posts, and customer views are good examples of UGC (user-generated content) and can be significant tools to highlight your reliability. It gives buyers confidence in enjoying the same experience, which helps mitigate hesitations. PR efforts come in to echo your authenticity, acting as social proof of your customer-centric efforts.

In your public relations strategies, find a way of incentivizing customers to leave testimonials on their satisfaction levels. Increase the visibility of your UGC by featuring it in different social media outlets. If you have marketing materials, include sections depicting the latest reviews from clients.

Transparent product descriptions and imagery

Any information you share regarding your products must be accurate, showing all the features and benefits without exaggeration. It helps ensure there aren’t discrepancies between the delivered items and the product descriptions. By adopting promising public relations approaches, you’ll ascertain transparency even in the visuals you use.

Use quality images to display the actual aesthetics of your products. Have a well-organized gallery which captures also the different quantities you deal with and the major seals. Such efforts help customers accurately identify your products in the crowded markets.

Enhancing customer service and support channels

Through focusing on customer support, you enjoy high engagement levels with clients. With a sound PR strategy, you’ll have an easy time emphasizing on your venture’s accessibility and response times. You can also use it to share details of the different support channels through which customers can reach you.

It ensures customers feel appreciated and acknowledged while shopping, increasing their attachment to you. After identifying the different pain points, making changes to meet the expectations is essential.

Educating customers on sizing and fit

In e-commerce returns, sizing issues take the largest portion of the statistics. When a buyer orders footwear, clothing, or any item online, it sometimes becomes challenging to ascertain that the product is the right fit.

Make your PR campaign have product specific fit recommendations and sizing guides which helps lower uncertainty amongst buyers. Also have good records on the products available at the stores. When a certain size is out of stock do the necessary updates on your store pages to prevent inaccurate ordering by customers.

Collaborating with influencers for authentic endorsements

Partnerships with influencers allow you to authentically tap into a target, large audience. Whether you go for a fashionista or trendsetter, these personalities’ vouching for your brand sends a strong message, attracting potential consumers.

In your efforts to work with influencers, single out those who share similar values and have the desired demographics. You can arrange product reviews, sponsored content, or social media takeovers depending on your collaboration agreements with the influencer.

Promoting product quality and durability

As a brand infamous for top-class products, your PR campaign should prioritize this strength. Explain the attributes, constituents, or ingredients and the manufacturing process involved. This helps showcase your attention to detail, instilling confidence amongst buyers that you have all it takes to serve their needs. 

If you are planning to add new features or products in your e-commerce venture, give a hint on it to evoke curiosity. Also keep monitoring your product’s handling and distribution operations so that no defects will arise while orders are in transit.

Offering value-added services and benefits

Investing in value-added services is one way to set yourself apart from competitors. Employing public relations strategies gives you a perfect chance to expound more about these value propositions. These benefits could be extended warranties, free shipping, or any other incentives you have.

By capturing these unique solutions, you’ll give customers every reason to believe in a good shopping experience. It will reduce the returns a lack of perceived value or dissatisfaction brings. When explaining more about these additional services, emphasize convenience and reliability.


PR strategies are a fundamental part of e-commerce operations, and they help lower the rate at which returns happen. It helps achieve this in several ways from expounding more about the company’s strengths and incorporating influencer collaboration, building consumer’s confidence in you.

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