8 ways you can reward your PR employees

by | May 11, 2022 | Public Relations

If your PR team has gone above and beyond this year, you’ll likely want to reward them for their hard work. There are a number of ways you can do this to make your staff happy and eager to work even harder next year. Here are some fun ways to reward your PR people.

1. Provide a flexible work schedule

Your workers have lives outside the office, so be willing to bend a little as far as their schedules are concerned, and they’ll stay loyal to you for a lifetime. Flexible work schedules are the way of the future. If one of your employees needs to leave early every day to pick a child up from school, allow that employee to come in early. Or offer your workers the opportunity to work remotely.

2. Offer swag for a job well done

Everyone loves swag, so come up with coffee mugs, sweatshirts and other items bearing your company’s logo. Offer them to your employees when they’ve reached milestones. Or have plaques made and add the names of your hardest workers. People love being recognized and rewarded. Your workers will be motivated to work harder for such a prize.

3. Write personal notes

Recognition and appreciation are valuable ways of retaining your employees. When your workers reach milestones that aren’t acknowledged, they can feel unappreciated and get the impression that their work is meaningless. Write notes to your employees recognizing their hard work. Tell them how much you appreciate all that they do. When you recognize an employee, you foster a better working relationship and your staff will work harder.

4. Stress the fun

While you and your employees are there to do work, a miserable work environment makes it difficult for everyone. Stress the fun instead. Make a point of laughing often. Email jokes to your employees and create a relaxing environment. Your employees will enjoy their work more. You’ll also retain your workers far longer.

5. Help your employees move forward

No one likes being stuck in a rut, and if your employees are in the same dead-end job year after year, they’ll become resentful and angry. Take a personal interest in your staff members. When you see them working hard, help them earn that promotion so that they make more money and do better work for you. Arrange for them to attend conferences and take online courses to improve their skills. Allow them to face challenges that enable them to grow.

6. Reward effort, not just success

Sometimes your employees work their tails off and still fail. Remind them that hard work is just as important as succeeding and reward them accordingly. If your workers aren’t afraid of failure, they’ll be more willing to try new things.

7. Buy your workers lunch

You might not be able to afford to buy lunch for your employees every day, but having food brought in now and then will mean the world to your staff. Contact popular restaurants to bring in food when you schedule meetings so people can eat their favorite meals while they work.

8. Have a party

Office parties shouldn’t be just for Christmas. Throw a party after finishing a particularly grueling project. Bring in food or take your staff out for dinner at a swanky restaurant. Better yet, invite your employees and their families over for a pool party. If you’re looking to have a pool put in, contact swimming pool contractors Las Vegas for prices and more information.

Don’t just celebrate when projects are complete, but make other days fun as well. Schedule theme parties at work and have your employees dress up as their favorite characters. Bring in themed snacks and give your workers party favors.

Everyone needs appreciation now and then, and your PR staff is no different. By rewarding them and showing your appreciation, you workers will remain loyal to you for years to come.

Kevin Gardner
Kevin Gardner graduated with a BS in Computer Science. He works as a business consultant for InnovateBTS, where he helps companies integrate technology to improve performance. He shares his knowledge and expertise not only with his clients but with his fellow bloggers and readers.


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