Advantages of pay-per-click advertising in 2022

by | Oct 3, 2022 | Marketing, Public Relations

Companies that rely on pay-per-click (PPC) advertising campaigns get charged fees whenever potential consumers click on their ads. That means that the company is only paying for those advertising efforts when they’re generating some sort of results.

The most popular type of PPC advertising is search ads, which are ads that are placed on search engine results pages, that show up to potential consumers whenever a consumer uses a keyword that’s associated with the company’s solution or campaign. This type of advertising effort provides companies with a number of benefits and advantages.

Website traffic

If a pay-per-click ad is performing as intended, the company should immediately notice a great return on its ad spend because even a single website visitor is worth a lot more than what the company is investing to get that visitor. However, to truly create a successful PPC advertising campaign, companies have to do a lot more than simply pay for the clicks that their ads are generating and get more website traffic.

Some of the most basic elements of a successful PPC advertising campaign include choosing the right targeted keywords and then placing those keywords into well-designed ad groups and campaigns, as well as developing landing pages for each PPC ad that’s going to be designed to get more people to make purchases.

It’s important for companies to fully understand what it takes to create successful PPC advertising campaigns because the search engines reward the companies that create the most effective and successful campaigns with less expensive ad clicks because the ads are well targeted and a lot more relevant to the audience they are targeting. That means if a company creates a PPC advertising campaign that’s going to be helpful and interesting to its target audience, Google can decrease the cost per click, which helps the company get a better profit.


Companies that make sure that their PPC advertising campaigns are fully optimized get more financial benefits and incentives at the end of the day. That’s because whenever a user searches for a term that’s similar to what the company is already targeting, the company’s PPC ad is going to show up to that user on the first page of the search results. This, in turn, generates more brand recognition and exposure for the company and its solutions, as well as a lot more website traffic.

Companies that optimize their PPC advertising campaigns and generate higher click-through rates (CTR) can also make their campaigns result in more conversions, as well as a higher income from sales, which means they have created a successful PPC advertising campaign. It’s also important for companies to remember that if they are creating multiple ad campaigns for each targeted keyword, they still need to optimize each one of those ads to get better results at the end of the day.

Mike Paffmann
Mike Paffmann is CEO of Virgo-PR.