Agency best practices—using DiSC to drive diverse perspectives

by | Jun 1, 2020 | Analysis, Public Relations

Google the phrase “value of diversity in teams.” You’ll find a raft of research about organizations committed to representation across gender, race and personality, and the measurable business advantages they have as a result. Case in point, recent studies reveal that more inclusive organizations have as much as three times the revenue growth of their less eclectic peers. And thanks to the unique perspectives each person contributes, these businesses are more innovative and creative.

The same truths hold true in our own agency, where for many years the team was composed only of women (often a circumstance of our industry). But when we began adding men to the Tier One staff, we all saw a noticeable—and positive!—difference in the thinking and balance they brought.

Tier One recently completed a DiSC exercise, which is an assessment tool designed to “help people better understand themselves and to adapt their behaviors with others—within a work team, a sales relationship, a leadership position, or other relationships.”

Each of the four letters in DiSC relates to a specific personality style:

Agency best practices—using DiSC to drive diverse perspectives

DiSC creators believe we each naturally gravitate to one of these four styles. But it’s important to note none of these styles is better than another and that, at various times, we all reflect these four traits in our own behaviors.

The DiSC exercise has helped us appreciate the importance of ensuring our account teams are composed of people who represent the DiSC spectrum. Not only does this diversity of behavior and thinking help us operate more creatively, it also helps us move programs forward efficiently and with a greater appreciation of our clients’ needs.

For instance, a team composed of all “S” types might not be willing to push back on those who disagree with them or may slow processes since their natural inclination is to foster consensus. Similarly, a group of all “C” individuals who value process and time to develop knowledge may not be flexible or intuitive enough to make the quick decisions that agency life requires. Teams tilted towards the “i” personality type may rely too much on their gut and resist taking the time to back their recommendations with data. And put too many “D” types on a team and you’ll see a group that may lack the necessary empathy and patience to allow all voices to be heard.

Agency best practices—using DiSC to drive diverse perspectives

The type of self-awareness (and awareness of others and their biases) that DiSC delivers is a valuable tool in building a well-rounded agency team that thinks critically, creatively, accurately, and with a never-ending focus on driving results.

Tier One takes great pride in bringing our varied perspectives and respective strengths together to help companies build lasting competitive advantage in today’s market. Whether that’s securing interest from top media outlets, developing content to help organizations better showcase thought leadership, or navigating the ever-changing landscape of social media, let us tell you more about the services our agency delivers.

This article originally appeared on the Tier One Partners blog; reprinted with permission.

Kathy Wilson
Kathy Wilson is a Managing Partner at Tier One Partners in Boston.