An insider look at the drivers of the Creator Economy: How top influencers build their business

by | Mar 30, 2023 | Public Relations

Influencers and other content creators have become valuable allies to brand marketers and communicators, but their strategic approach can often collide with traditional campaign planning, which—whether successful or not—can leave communicators scratching their heads about their true value. To better understand the unique needs of these entrepreneurs, freelancer online marketplace Fiverr gathered insights from a handful of top influencers who have built successful businesses leveraging their experience as online creators.

The firm’s new Creator Economy Guide, in partnership with influencer insights platform Tailify, uncovers a number of key themes driving this unique sector, ranging from the value of listening to community insights to the importance of experimenting with content and developing multiple revenue streams. The guide, designed to support current and aspiring content creators looking to launch or grow their business, also offers tips from several influencers based on their personal experience bringing their business to life.

Makeup of the Creator Economy:

An insider look at the drivers of the Creator Economy: How top influencers build their business

“We wanted to explore how this unique group of entrepreneurs are taking advantage of the growth of the creator economy, finding ways to grow innovative, community-driven brands,” said Gali Arnon, CMO of Fiverr, in a news release. “Surveying successful creators has revealed that many depend on a network of external talent, in addition to a strong online community, to bring their vision for a business to life.”

Creators have played a role on both sides of the content marketplace, using it both as a source for external talent such as video editors and designers, and as a medium to further monetize their social media presence. For example, a number of services on the Fiverr marketplace relevant to content creators, such as social media marketing and thumbnail design, saw a spike in demand in the last year, while searches for “TikTok video editing” increased by 73 percent in the span of 6 months. As the creator economy evolves, many influencers have been able to expand their scope of opportunities, leveraging their online presence to move beyond brand partnerships and sponsored content to start their own businesses.

How advisors recommend influencers to reach out to brands:

An insider look at the drivers of the Creator Economy: How top influencers build their business

“Opportunities for digital creators have bloomed in the last few years, especially as they leverage the growth of their audiences to launch businesses,” said Alan Gray, senior research psychologist at Tailify, in the release. “Community-building and team collaboration, along with an entrepreneurial mindset, lie at the core of what makes many influencers find success as business founders.”

Download the complete guide, which offers 10 essential tips to thrive in the creator economy, here.

The company surveyed 11 creators turned business owners, including Steven Bartlett, Kate Speer, and Corey Arvinger, to reveal their top tips for launching a brand as an influencer.

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