Are you the best around? One platform challenges PR pros to bring their media relations A-game

by | May 21, 2024 | Public Relations

Each year a number of PR agencies are honored for the quality of their campaigns, social impact, and pillars of integrity. Awards can be widely recognized as earned markers of achievement by the industry and public. While some accolades encompass the success of the public relations agency as a whole, Qwoted 100 praises the virtues of individual executives   

“It’s basically the modern-day version of the classic ‘Who’s Who’ for PR pros.” said Nicole Pomije, Founder & CEO/Founder at NB Talent Services. “It isn’t just a prestigious honor; it’s also a powerful tool for larger agencies seeking to attract top-tier talent while providing PR pros with a unique opportunity to distinguish themselves for potential clients, fostering valuable connections and enhancing professional visibility.

While Qwoted is not meant to replace other PR tools like media databases, it offers individuals a new way to enhance their communication with the press

Founded in 2018, Qwoted is a platform that connects journalists and PRs. Members interact with each other through the site’s interface, which allows correspondence quality control.

However, what makes Qwoted stand out is that each user is assessed at how good they are at their profession. This encompasses: when a publicist is pitching; what are their interactions (professional or aloof); how fast are they responding; does press coverage result from the conversation, and; how often are media professionals engaging with users and what is the feedback.

“We want people sending quality pitches that are thoughtful, meaningful, and provide value back to that journalist asking the questions. In addition to that, because this is a network, we also want journalists coming to you directly just based on the sources that you’re representing,” said Shelby Bridges, Success Manager. “We also have certain metrics that go into it that reveal how often journalists are coming to you, which is based on how you have configured your source profiles.”

For those who hit the right chords and manifest exceptional conduct, they could find themselves on the quarterly Qwoted 100 list

Out of 100,000 confirmed users, being on the list puts them in the top 1 percent of their peers. “It is an individual award that you can get for yourself. So even if you’re in Qwoted operating with a larger agency or a larger team, this award is earned just based on your own merits, your own pitch submissions, and the clients you’re representing.” said Bridges

“Being included in the Qwoted 100 enhances publicists’ credibility and signals to media and agencies that this individual is passionate about their career and is someone they should seek to work with.” said Ronn Torossian, Founder & Chairman of 5WPR.

“It’s like a big virtual high-five that boosts confidence and inspires others to aim higher in their own careers.” said Pomije.

As the industry grow, PRs will need to differentiate themselves

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, as of 2023, approximately 297,100 people were employed as public relations specialists in the United States. BLS also projects a 6 percent industry growth from 2022 to 2032. While businesses will see an expanding roster of agencies to choose from, garnering which ones are of the higher caliber can be a challenge. According to a number of PR’s, they see Qwoted 100 has having a positive impact on the industry. 

“I see [Qwoted 100] as a bit of an accountability tool. As a PR pro, being reliable, timely, and thorough is an essential part of our jobs, and being ranked  by stats that include response time and win rates list only motivates us all to do and be better.” said Kristin Lisi Buehler, Founder of Lipstick & Sweatpants Communications.

“While traditional awards often recognize specific campaigns or achievements, the Qwoted 100 celebrates overall excellence in PR professionals’ ability to craft compelling narratives and communicate effectively.” said Chelsea Kershaw CEO at Digi Ink PR

So how can public relations professionals attain a coveted spot on the Qwoted 100?

According to Bridges, in the algorithm, response time is probably one of the biggest factors that will determine what a score is for a PR professional. “If you get a direct message, that’s a positive indicator, so say that gives you positive value points. But, then say you don’t respond. That’s going to then negate those points and ultimately impact your profile’s ranking over time.”

Also, how a journalist responds, the people that they are favoriting, conversations they are saving, and if the flag a profile for questionable correspondence can impact an individual’s score.

With more PR’s joining Qwoted, the competition intensity isn’t expected to diminish anytime soon

“Reporters will increasingly start to recognize ‘Qwoted 100’ accounts as more reliable and helpful. I think as Qwoted as a platform continues to establish itself and have more users join, rankings like these can be helpful when you are one pitch among hundreds. However, ultimately, it will continue to come down to who is providing the best source and comment for the story at hand, as it always has.” said Ally Dyck, Media Relations Strategist at seoplus+.

“This competition boosts the credibility of publicists and their agencies. Knowing how difficult it is to make the list even one time makes it a phenomenal goal to achieve” said Mark Goldman, Co-Founder of Goldman McCormick PR.

Ryan McCormick
Ryan McCormick is a Journalist and Co-Founder of Goldman McCormick PR


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