Comms lessons learned from 4 brands’ marketing campaigns

by | Aug 2, 2021 | Analysis, Public Relations

It is important to continue to listen to customers even if a business thinks it has them figured out. There is always a lot to be learned from major marketing and digital PR campaigns. Although most of the marketing campaigns that are cited below are by brands that are already famous, it does not rule out the fact that a few lessons can always be learned that can be used in the future marketing efforts of a business.

1) Lowe’s on Pinterest

Lowes has a widely followed Pinterest account, with 52 boards and over 2000 pins. They do not merely have photos of tools, paints and patio furniture. With the photos, the business makes suggestions on how people can use these products. Not only does it use content from its own website, but it has also successfully merged itself with the wider Pinterest community. They team up with bloggers and other brands, and also have group boards. Their page also repins from other users. It also shows its users fun, budgeted, seasonal projects. This shows how a community of content can be created that can help businesses relate to their customers, and customers to businesses.

2) Delivery.com and staged marketing event

Delivery.com got the attention of New Yorkers with a staged marketing campaign. They sent two delivery men, Delivery Man Stan and Delivery Man Sam, with a massive delivery of food boxes, bags and drinks to make an impact. Onlookers were also given coupons worth $5. It had become so popular that even tourists took photos and videos.

It was an instance of exemplary marketing interaction. The campaign was connected with channels like Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. This is an example of successfully moving marketing offline to actual time and then sending it back online. The event was eye-catching and it got the buzz it wanted. Moving seamlessly from an offline experience to online through social media channels can increase the reach and popularity of a brand.

3) Budweiser and whassup quarantine

With its iconic ‘Whassup’ ad, Budweiser took its message to social media. It encouraged people to stay connected with their friends during the Coronavirus lockdown. The ad ends with a hashtag #Togetheratadistance and the line ‘Buds support buds. Check on yours.’ The ad focuses on bringing people together and celebrating friendships while apart. The ad is a lesson on how a brand can be kept relevant during such challenging times.

4) Ikea’s “The Hare’

Ikea was one of those brands which made the population aware of the dangers of leaving home during a pandemic. It reformulated the old fable, ‘The Hare and the Tortoise’. It encouraged the audience to rethink the role rest plays in our lives. In its modern retelling, the hare comes back from the gym and instead of getting sleep looks at screens. On the other hand, the tortoise gets up after a good night’s sleep. The hare wakes up on the couch and the tortoise appears rested. The audience already knows how things will end. The campaign encouraged people to understand the benefits of sleep. The nuances and the relatability succeeded in connecting with the audience and creed authenticity bringing the audience closer to the brand.

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