Creating a robust PR strategy for your real estate firm

by | Dec 7, 2017 | Analysis, Public Relations

Any business, including real estate, is propelled by trust. When people trust their real estate firm, they’re more likely to engage it for information and properties. This trust is built by managing the interaction between the brand and the general public, and PR strategy involves creating a long-lasting relationship with the community around you.

PR is all about communicating and networking with other players in your society. Therefore, a good PR strategy goes beyond periodic press releases and creating a few posts. You need to have the brand featured consistently and create a buzz around it. Here are some tips to create a perfect PR strategy:

Where are you now?

Essentially, PR is all about being constantly present in the eyes of your target market. It incorporates everything that shows the brand online. Start by taking stock of where you are at the moment.

What online presence do you have? How is the website? Do you have a social media strategy? What is the content found on your blogs? How about paid ads? Do they all tie into your brand message? Your strategy will be based on these areas.

Creating a robust PR strategy for your real estate firm

Use Big Data to understand your audience

The Internet of Things has enabled companies that supply connected devices to understand customer lifestyles through the many touch points created by the interaction between the device and the user. Each touchpoint generates some data that helps the company understand the needs and frustrations of the customer. Data from IoT can then be analyzed and used to create targeted messages to the said clients.

Create compelling content for your audience

Remember that you are not alone in the real estate industry. Therefore, you have to give your visitors a reason to visit you and spend their time with you. This calls for you to improve on the online presence avenues you have listed in the first step.

  • Website and blogs: This is the fall back for every online media strategy. Create content that is easy to read and shareable in social media and other forums.
  • Social media page: This is where you build a fanbase for your real estate business. Create fun, informative and shareable content that will get shared or get the audience talking. You should not fill your site with just the listings.
  • Email marketing: Do not just send the listings on email. Mix them with information on everything that touches on real estate. It can be information on the neighborhood, tips on buying or renting a home, mortgage tips and anything related that is in the news.

Court the media

Your relationship with the media is also a significant component of your PR strategy. The media is not just the journalists; it incorporates other people such as the reporters, magazine writers, bloggers, industry influencer as well as editors.

Network with these groups as well as their networks. They are your target group for distributing your content. Create a list of specific people that you would like to use when pitching your news.

When doing so, remember that the media professionals are out there to please their target market with the content that they provide. They will only listen to you if you are keeping their followers and readers happy through quality content. By extension, you also make the advertisers happy by driving traffic.

Polish your news pitch

From the teams that you have engaged with, pick members to whom you shall make news pitches. Start a plan to get some coverage for your company. Here are a few tips to keep in mind

  • Do some research: Determine what content is provided by all the contacts in your list. Organize them with topics relevant to what they do.
  • Provide all necessary information about your real estate firm: Ensure that the company information is intertwined with the press release. This is a golden chance to tell the audience about your company, what it does mission and purpose.

Let the community around you feel your presence

Part of the strategy is to be felt on the ground. Engaging with your community boosts your visibility too. Some of these activities include:

  • Engaging in community events such as festivals and fundraisers
  • Start a project that benefits the community such as tree planting
  • Volunteering for good cause activities

Connect and interact with people who matter in your real estate business. Your visibility increases trust and makes you an authority in the real estate industry. Use the tips above to create a robust PR strategy.

Jeremy Sutter
Jeremy Sutter is a freelance writer and former mobile marketing manager at Adobe.