Digital dads crave shopping convenience and cross-channel deals

by | Jun 13, 2019 | Public Relations

With Father’s Day approaching, marketing tech and consumer engagement Valassis released new research stemming from its 2K19 Coupon Intelligence Report surrounding dads’ shopping habits both online and in-store for traditional consumer packaged goods. Findings reveal that dads more frequently use digital channels than moms and heavily favor convenience and ease of purchase along their shopping journeys.

According to the report, dads do more online shopping than moms for food and household goods. For example, when it comes to purchasing food items, 51 percent of dads do all of their shopping online compared to 31 percent of moms. Additionally, dads are highly motivated by convenience, with 70 percent of them willing to spend more money when shopping in order to save time. Furthermore, 40 percent of dads buy groceries online to pick up in-store (BOPIS) once or several times a week, compared to 21 percent of moms.

While dads still enjoy the tangible appeal of physical shopping touchpoints and deals, they also crave digital solutions to help support their paths to purchase. An overwhelming majority (90 percent) use stores’ mobile savings apps to help decide where they should shop.

“Whether shopping online or in-store, our data shows that dads are receptive to incorporating new, digital solutions into their shopping trips, especially if they lead to an increased level of convenience and savings,” said Julie Companey, director-grocery at Valassis, in a news release. “Dads’ shopping choices are heavily influenced by the ability to save both time and money, meaning retailers and brands should target this demographic by offering cross-channel deals while providing them a convenient and consistent experience.”

The report also highlights a few ways brands and retailers can best connect with dads seeking convenience and savings, including:

Offer an omnichannel experience

  • When preparing for grocery shopping trips, dads use both online (68 percent) and printed (67 percent) circulars for the locations they plan to shop.
  • Dads are using smartphones to support their in-store shopping experiences.
  • 65 percent of dads always or very often decide which store(s) to shop at based on where they can use paperless discounts, such as those they receive on their smartphone/mobile devices and/or download onto store shopper loyalty cards.
  • 86 percent of dads noted even though they usually shop for groceries online, coupons still drive them to shop in-store.

Leverage in-store components that enhance convenience

  • Dads value convenient offerings at their fingertips; 65 percent of dads have increased their shopping at stores that offer prepared foods/meals versus last year.
  • 66 percent often select paper or printed coupons to take with them on their grocery shopping trips.

Provide opportunities for time and money savings

  • Dads will shop around for the best deals; in fact, 97 percent shop at multiple stores to secure the best prices.
  • In the last year, 65 percent of dads have increased their shopping at stores that offer convenient services such as delivery and pickup.
  • The same percentage increased their shopping at retailers other than their main store of choice for better advertised deals.

For more about dads’ shopping behaviors, download Valassis’ 2K19 Coupon Intelligence Report.

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