From all angles—why marketing and PR agencies must stay vigilant in today’s environment

by | Aug 21, 2019 | Analysis, Public Relations

The face of the marketing and public relations industries is one that’s always evolving. A new concept here, an emerging platform there. But what pervades throughout both industries is the notion that space is growing continuously more crowded and customer attention is growing harder and harder to attract. With both of these challenges, it’s vital that agencies stay on their toes and ahead of the curve in order to survive.

It sounds like a fairly dire situation, does it not? It likely could be. And for those who refuse to alter their course at all or to at least approach changes with open minds, it very well might be. Not only is the idea of consumer behavior shifting, but more and more companies want to get a piece of that attention that’s so coveted.

This creates a lot of competition within an industry that was already crowded

“Boutique” agencies crop up seemingly daily, ready to offer a full suite of unique services that somehow aren’t actually all that unique. They promise to treat their clients differently, just like the last agency to hang its shingle.

In addition, a newer form of competition has emerged: competing with brands to win their business versus allowing them to take the work in-house.

Many businesses are going towards in-house handling of areas such as marketing and PR. This shifting look of competition presents a new set of challenges and another angle from which an agency must protect itself from being overtaken and left in the dust.

This all may sound quite dismal, but it doesn’t have to be!

All this means is that agencies must do everything they can to ensure they have a unique approach, a compelling selling pitch, and a creative team worth their weight in gold.

After all, what would these industries be without a bit of creative competition? As the face of competition for marketing and public relations agency continues to evolve, it will be the agencies who are willing to evolve alongside that will thrive.

What about the in-house competition? Yes, outsourcing work to an agency can be costly, but often the value achieved is well worth the investment. Think of it this way: if an agency is doing work that absolutely cannot be replicated or obtaining results that cannot be matched, why would a brand ever consider going elsewhere?

Yes, unforeseen circumstances arise more often than not

Budget cuts happen, staffing changes happen. This does not, however, take away from the notion that an agency should be creating a  truly valuable, irreplaceable quality of work.

Customer service is another aspect that can be audited when considering how to make an agency really shine before its competition. Customer service is the root of any business relationship. Agency owners should take care to do a careful survey of the customer service and client relationship arm of their business.

Staying vigilant is important in today’s environment due to the constant change in trends and consumer behavior. Marketing and public relations agencies who wish to stay in the game—and thrive in it—must be willing to adapt accordingly.

Ronn Torossian
Ronn Torossian founded 5WPR, a leading PR agency..