Generating leads is marketing’s top priority—here’s what’s working

by | Dec 2, 2019 | Analysis, Public Relations

What’s the #1 priority of B2B marketers? According to Content Marketing Institute’s recent research, it’s lead generation. A whopping 85 percent of respondents said so, while only 41 percent reported feeling confident generating leads. Having no leads is like picking up a fishing pole to go fishing with no idea where the fish are and no idea what kind of bait to use.


There are a ton of remedies out there to assist in lead generation, beginning with content marketing. Effective content marketing reaffirms what prospective customers or clients are seeking. Demand Trade Gen, a B2B marketing journal, opined that 47 percent of buyers read three to five pieces of information before even contacting a merchant.

Those findings and opinions confirm what another research firm Gartner revealed. The company reported that at least 65 percent of buyers make up their minds before contacting a supplier. These statistics place an exclamation point on the positive impact marrying a SEO campaign with B2B content marketing can have in generating leads.

Some venues like LinkedIn and Google ads are a lot more obvious. So, too, are Facebook lead ads. However, there are other sites and strategies that should also be considered.

“Live On My Mind”

In a 2003 interview after performing in concert, Bruce Cockburn was interviewed by a reporter who acknowledged one of the songs in the show. “Thank you for ‘Live on My Mind’ because I think of the love of my life every time I play it,” said the reporter. Cockburn responded, “So do I.”

Live chat can be very powerful when a company engages current and potential customers on its own channel.  Because it’s conducted in real time, the dialogue also tends to be warmer and more personal and that helps nurture relationships.

Much of the same can also be said about live video. It can be particularly well-received when used for how-to webinars, new product launches, and special guests.

Free always draws

Nothing draws consistent attention as freebies. Because of its popularity and increasing competition, freebies today need to have value in order to appeal to the masses. A good freebie coupled with a deadline can be very effective in a short period of time.

Other possibilities

Introduced in the fall of 2018, Facebook Thruplay offers advertisers a platform on which they don’t pay unless the user watches at least 15 seconds. In addition to being available on Facebook, it can also be employed on Instagram and Audience Network, a DIRECTV channel.

Gated videos are a bit more intriguing. After viewing several seconds, the viewers are informed that they need to sign up or register to see the video in its entirety. A first-time viewer will sign up if the video is something exciting, novel and/or informative.

When sent by email, text or social media, personalized videos have a place in B2B marketing if targeted to an audience that has been identified as having an interest in a product or service. Videos that are realistic and assure prospects that their needs are understood are better received.

One early adopter said their success in closing cold calls improved by 38 percent. He added that following up with personalized emails and text messages drove their conversion rate to an astounding 99 percent.

Ronn Torossian
Ronn Torossian founded 5WPR, a leading PR agency..


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