9 tips for converting marketing leads into sales

by | Sep 13, 2019 | Analysis, Public Relations

What is the best way to convert your leads into sales? You probably asked yourself this question many times. The answer is that there is no best waybecause all people are different. On another hand, there are smart and useful practices you can apply. What you can do is try to convert your leads into sales with these 9 tips.

9 tips for converting marketing leads into sales

Always think about how to convert your leads into sales

Research your clients

If you are having difficulties converting strangers into leads or leads to sales, start thinking about your offer. Is it good enough? Is it providing everything your clients want? And then, you must ask yourself: do you know your clients well enough? Finding a company that specializes in the human analysis may help you to understand your clients better. Find out what drives them forward, and use those findings to convert your leads into sales!

Offer a discount

Offering an incentive in the form of a discount or a free gift is a truly great way to convert your leads into sales. All consumers like free stuff, and when the opportunity presents itself, they cannot skip on a chance to get a discount offer, even if it is a small one.

9 tips for converting marketing leads into sales

A good way to convert your leads into sales to offer an incentive in the form of a discount or a free gift

Return on investment possibilities

Remind your clients that they have the potential for the ROI with your product. Every company is looking for a solution to increase their revenue. With that in mind, let them understand that the sooner they make a purchase, the bigger the chances are for the return on that investment.

Ask your clients

It shouldn’t come as a surprise or secret marketing advice, but asking your clients is perfectly normal. It is common sense to communicate with your leads, but a lot of companies simply do not work like that. Engage them in the conversation and ask “Are you ready to make a purchase?” First of all, you can tell from the conversation if they are interested or not. Next, once you start the conversation, they might ask questions they need answers to before committing. Finally, if you do not do it, your competitors might, and that’s how you lose a deal.

Improve your website

When was the last time you visited your FAQ page? When it comes to unanswered questions, it is one of the more common reasons why clients need a lot of time before making a purchase. Help them find out what’s bothering them by updating your page constantly. Use the communication with clients to find out what the most asked questions are.

Another way to improve your website, and at the same time your business, is to implement modern online solutions. For example, companies such as moversdev.com specialize in improving your online communication with clients. With these types of solutions, converting your leads into sales becomes much easier!

Do a regular follow up

Whenever you get a lead via your website, always do a follow up to make sure everything went well. First, you show your clients that you are aware of everything. Second, if they weren’t satisfied, you will find out what was the problem, and you can work on it immediately. Third, this type of communication helps you in the future, because you know what to expect. Customers like an engaging company!

9 tips for converting marketing leads into sales

Always stay in touch with your clients—a follow up call gets you one step closer to closing the deal

Learn from others

Is there a better way than learning from others who already walked that road? If you know an experienced sales agent, ask for advice. Or, do research of your own. There are many success stories online, where you can learn how other companies keep their clientele satisfied. Convert your leads into sales with experience and clever thinking.

Furthermore, attending a seminar or a webinar on sales can offer plenty of useful information. Always strive to improve yourself. Today we have the ability to educate ourselves on any topic we desire, thanks to the internet and online lessons. You must stay informed!

Optimize your emails

Put yourself in the position of a client. They must receive hundreds if not thousands of all kinds of offers via their email inbox, and that’s on a daily basis. You must make sure that your emails are not aggressive sales letters, but rather an invitation. Show your clients what is the potential you have. The trick is to grab their attention, no one wants a pushy seller who yells buy, buy, buy!

Set a time limit for your clients

Setting a time limit is beneficial for multiple reasons. If a client doesn’t feel any pressure from the offer, they might be too relaxed, thinking that purchase can happen whenever he or she wants. That kind of thinking causes delays. Furthermore, at some point, they might back out because they just don’t feel the offer. By setting a time limit, you tell them that the chance is there for a limited time, and they must decide whether they are in or out.

9 tips for converting marketing leads into sales

Your clients must understand that if they don’t make an informed decision in a timely manner, they might miss the opportunity

This kind of reasoning is especially important because it helps you to distinguish real customers from everyone else. Do not waste time and energy on a dead lead! Nevertheless, always leave a window of opportunity for them to contact you if they change their mind.

Convert your leads into sales made easy

Hopefully, you should be able to convert your leads into sales with these 9 tips. However, know that this is just the tip of the iceberg. There are so many useful practices and pieces of advice out there. It is like a puzzle waiting to be finished. Find all the pieces and put them in the right place before someone else does it instead. Staying ahead of your competition is crucial in this harsh business. With that in mind, always work to improve your closing skills and get that deal on time!

Elizabeth Wilkens