Navigating the shift to health-centric food branding in PR strategies

by | Apr 26, 2024 | Public Relations

The march towards health-centric eating habits has upended traditional food branding, injecting new vitality into public relations strategies. Brands find themselves at a crossroads where mere taste and convenience no longer reign supreme. 

Brands like Home Chef, HelloFresh, and Green Chef have emerged as trendsetters that are redefining the game with their low-carb meal deliveries. In this article, we will explore how these and other brands are crafting PR approaches that meet the demand for better-for-you foods while setting industry standards for smart, health-focused branding.

health-centric food branding

Transition in food branding

The landscape of food branding is undergoing a remarkable transformation. 

It’s no longer enough for brands to hinge their appeal solely on taste and convenience; the modern consumer seeks sustenance that promises more—health benefits that align with a proactive approach to wellness. This paradigm shift challenges public relations teams to recalibrate their messaging, weaving narratives that showcase not just what’s good to eat but what’s good for you. 

In this new era where wholesome virtues reign supreme, companies must pivot and promote their commitment to nourishment. HelloFresh is among the companies leading this charge by cleverly integrating low-carb dinner delivery service options into their portfolio—a testament to their agility in responding to the health-conscious wave reshaping the marketplace. 

Refining PR messaging from product to lifestyle

Brands have realized that the key to the heart of the health-conscious consumer is not just through their stomachs but through their lifestyles. Green Chef, for instance, has an adept approach to engaging the health-oriented consumer’s heart—and not just their palate. They stride beyond the simplicity of ingredient delivery, championing an enriched lifestyle as part of their value proposition.

Besides their vegan meal kit, Green Chef’s public relations strategy crafts more than just a narrative around fresh, organic fare; it seeds the idea that selecting their services equates to adopting a robustly healthy lifestyle. It’s an evolution in branding: they’re no longer merely vending products but advocating for an identity brimming with energy and mindful choices.

Embracing such a company becomes synonymous with embracing vigor, signaling to consumers that their selections do not end at consumption; they reflect the very essence of who they aspire to be. It’s this nuanced shift—from product-centric messaging to lifestyle embracement—that captures the pulse of today’s wellness-engaged audience. 

Core elements of health-centric PR campaigns

Authenticity and substantiated health benefits are what it takes to craft a health-focused PR campaign that resonates. Brands must embrace what’s real—real ingredients, tangible benefits, and verifiable data. Audiences have little patience for ambiguity; they seek transparency above all else.

This is where companies like HomeChef excel. Their approach is straightforward: present the ingredient lists and nutritional information clearly, without obfuscation.

HomeChef narrates a story rooted in veracity: their offerings actively support a healthier way of living. Each health assertion comes fortified with evidence, linking every promotional endeavor to the core aim of fostering wellness. This precise alignment with consumer expectations spells success in today’s discerning marketplace. 

Leveraging influencers for credibility

In the pursuit of grounding your brand in authenticity, it’s imperative to enlist the right champions for your narrative. Dinnerly is one brand that aligns itself with this ethos, seeking out influencers who possess clout in realms of simplicity and affordability in healthy eating.

These promoters aren’t just voices; they are pivotal to Dinnerly’s marketing gambit—their credibility acts as a beacon that guides consumer trust. As these trusted personalities incorporate budget-friendly meal kits into their routines and share their experiences, they offer more than endorsements; they affirm Dinnerly’s mission to make everyday cooking easy and accessible.

The astuteness of such collaborations is clear—they transform brand messaging into relatable stories told by authoritative figures, weaving a tapestry that reflects the company’s dedication, connecting with audiences through resonant testimonials that circle back to the concept of uncomplicated nourishment introduced earlier. 

Redefining mealtime value

The landscape of consumer choice has evolved, and with it, so has the essence of value. It’s a game where quality takes center stage, emphasizing not just abundance but nutritional wealth and personal health gains per meal. EveryPlate is one challenger brand making waves by embedding this philosophy into each of their thoughtfully curated offerings.

Their mission? Delivering a caliber of sustenance that resonates with individual wellness journeys. This pursuit transcends the mere act of filling a box; it’s about ensuring every plate fulfills a purpose—boosting dietary enrichment while catering to diverse nutritional objectives.

EveryPlate uses adaptable meal choices tailored to specific tastes or dietary needs, positioning itself as more than just an alternative in the food realm. They’re carving out their space as a pivotal ally in the quest for bespoke nourishment.


In the quest for health-centric branding, trailblazers like the brands mentioned in this piece have blazed paths that others must either tread or fall behind. By embedding wellness into their stories, they’re not just serving meals but also shaping lifestyles and choices. 

This narrative isn’t merely about today’s sales; it’s about forging long-lasting bonds with consumers through trust and shared values in health. As we watch these PR strategies unfold, one thing is clear: the future of food branding lies in a commitment to nourishment and nutrition that resonates deeply with an increasingly health-aware public. 

Jessica Perkins
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