Health tech reporters speak out on where they’re focused now

by | Jun 21, 2021 | Public Relations

After a year of unfounded challenges, developments and solutions, health tech journalists today are ready to move beyond the COVID-centric coverage in which they’ve been embroiled. New research from PR and digital comms agency V2 Communications uncovers the issues, trends, and companies these reporters are most interested in covering in the aftermath of the pandemic.

After surveying more than 20 health tech journalists across business and trade media between April-May 2021, V2 uncovered that while the coronavirus continues to consume reporters’ attention, journalists are eager to explore how health tech is influencing the future of healthcare post-pandemic.

Health tech reporters speak out on where they’re focused now

The study found that in the months ahead, health tech reporters are interested in:

Covering trends around home-based care, value-based care, and patient engagement

In line with these trends, the top technologies they want to cover are remote patient monitoring (90 percent), telehealth (86 percent), and AI (71 percent). Also, as healthcare becomes increasingly digitized, many reporters highlighted cybersecurity as another topic of focus.

Health tech reporters speak out on where they’re focused now

Speaking with credible, trusted sources for perspective on relevant and trending topics to bring their stories to life

Journalists surveyed are overwhelmingly interested in speaking with healthcare providers who can speak about the issues they’re facing, the solutions they’re using, and where they see greater opportunity to improve workflows and outcomes. The business and tech press are also interested in perspective from industry analysts and health tech executives and decision makers.

Health tech reporters speak out on where they’re focused now

Profiling companies with standout growth, corporate news, an interesting founder and/or story, or a unique offering

Fifty-two percent of journalists surveyed profile health tech companies, the majority of which are concentrated in the trade press (82 percent).

“There’s no question that COVID-19 accelerated the digitization of the healthcare industry, and the health tech market is more crowded than ever before,” said Kristen Leathers, VP and Healthcare Practice Lead at V2, in a news release. “To stand out from the pack, companies need to strategically serve reporters the stories, sources, and content they need to understand where the market is headed. V2 is expert at counseling our clients on the best ways to engage media and emerge as market visionaries and leaders.”

Health tech reporters speak out on where they’re focused now

Download the full report here.

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