Why the healthcare industry must refocus its engagement approach

by | Dec 13, 2017 | Public Relations

As the healthcare industry faces mounting pressures to cut costs while improving health outcomes, consumer engagement has become increasingly important. However, strategies to engage consumers—and their effectiveness in doing so—vary greatly, according to new research from International Medical Group (IMG).

While companies in other industries turn to technology as the chief solution for engaging consumers, it isn’t as simple for healthcare organizations.

The latest white paper from IMG addresses this issue, and evaluates viable solutions to consumer engagement, providing exclusive insight that can influence the success of today’s healthcare organizations.

Why the healthcare industry must refocus its engagement approach

The new report, Consumer Engagement in Health Care: Refocusing the Industry’s Approach, reveals that across all generations, consumers are seeking a trusted doctor-patient relationship and involvement in healthcare decision-making. Millennials’ preferences are perhaps more surprising, as the white paper indicates that this cohort values “high-touch” just as much as “high-tech” healthcare solutions.

“With technology continually evolving and the information channels, themselves, becoming less important, consumers have begun to value advice before the device,” said IMG chief medical officer Dr. Geoff Tothill, in a news release. “The trusted guidance and supportive services offered by health advocates are increasingly central to consumers’ preferences for care.”

Why the healthcare industry must refocus its engagement approach

For health advocates—including providers, insurers, agencies, educational organizations, employers and government entities—engaging consumers in their healthcare is a complex process that requires ongoing research and resources. However, this white paper is aimed to jump-start the discussion and help those in the industry refocus their approach to consumer engagement.

Why the healthcare industry must refocus its engagement approach

The report includes:

  • Expert commentary from IMG chief medical officer Dr. Geoff Tothill and chief operating officer Daryl Chapman
  • Survey data that outlines generational preferences and consumer expectations
  • Compelling research that promotes a more holistic approach to consumer engagement
  • Proposed long-term solutions that drive lasting engagement across all consumer segments

Download the report here.

Listen to IMG’s audiobook, “Consumer Engagement in Healthcare: Refocusing the Industry’s Approach,” here.

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