How fashion retailers are using SEO for product promotion

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With the introduction of search engine optimization and its application in improving the ratings of various sites, many stores now have an opportunity to boost sales. This is achieved when their websites are featured by the search engine, which determines whether one’s page is the first on the list or nowhere near the 20th page.

The fashion industry is known to be one of the most competitive industries in recent times. With different fashion labels springing up every now and then, designers are constantly searching out new ideas and strategies. Majority of these have been geared towards or combined with the application of digital marketing and the use of SEO related strategies.

SEO and the fashion world: how deep is their connection?

As an experienced fashion designer or retailer, you might have heard how SEO can be used to rank sites based on importance, among other things. However, not many retailers tend to see the connection between the use of search engine optimization and the growth of their businesses. But there is, in fact, a strong connection.

How fashion retailers are using SEO for product promotion

Why is that? Based on observations made by experts, close to 80 percent of people never scroll past the first page of their search results. A good number of them believe that for a business to appear on the first page speaks of quality and high ratings. They generally go for other search terms if what was displayed doesn’t fit their taste. This means that if your page doesn’t fit the SEO search criteria, it might never be displayed at the top even though your products might be much better than those on the first page. This is a very sure way to lose potential clients. Plus, your brand visibility is at stake. This is a major concern for many retailers—brand visibility after all, is a necessity for increased sales.

Maximizing SEO towards improving publicity

The problems faced by many retailers center around creating the necessary ‘buzz’ to attract customers. In simple terms, many fashion retailers are experiencing a promotion problem both in the physical stores and online. Despite having a delectable selection of styles and quality stuff, exposure seems to be a challenge. However, it is possible to channel some of that creativity used in creating eye-catching pieces towards creating impressive traffic towards your site.

One of the foremost principles focuses on the appropriate use of ‘keywords’. These are specific words that have the potential of raising your page rank when used for a search. It is a good idea to use words that can be thought of first-hand by consumers, e.g. Not everyone is familiar with all brands out there, so instead of writing ‘Sihany Shirt’ you can choose to write “Sihany Men’s Embroidered Shirt Rolled sleeves shirt”. This way, you have availed your product to a number of search results. Just like edubirdie.com is likely to pop up when we write things like ‘essay help’ or ‘assignment help’, your product has the chance of popping up when terms like ‘rolled sleeves’, ‘men’s shirt’ or ‘embroidered shirt’.

How fashion retailers are using SEO for product promotion

In addition to this, it’s a wise move not to display all varieties of one product at your physical store. Gone are the days when stocked up boutiques called attention to themselves. You can choose to display one variety of a design, and direct people who want other variations of one piece of creativity to the site. Using different codes or barcodes, clients can be directed to check the site for other prospective variants of a design. Displaying other varieties on your site with the appropriate keywords equals increased traffic, plus a broader horizon of awareness.

The use of search optimization is a commendable step in entrepreneurship and publicly owned businesses. By using the right format of keywords, it is possible to achieve flawless product promotion and attract the right traffic to your store.

Also, as a fashion retailer, you must note that it’s always about ‘the experience, not the inventory’ for the customer. Beyond making profits, it’s essential to provide the customer an experience they won’t forget in a hurry. This can be done by the type of music played, representatives of the boutique giving their best attitude or even providing other ‘attractions’. For instance, placing a few children’s toys or creating a children’s play zone could be very helpful. It would give parents the opportunity to shop without feeling embarrassed or distracted. A mini ‘bar’ or a game spot for adults could serve a similar purpose.

It’s important that before applying search optimization to your site, you study what people like and search for per season. This way you save money because you will focus on buying clothes that are sought after the most. It also helps to provide a point of focus, and can be the one thing that will endear you to your clients—a retailer who “knows what the people want.”

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