How innovative product packaging can boost media exposure and elevate brand image

by | Apr 1, 2024 | Public Relations

One aspect of brand building that’s not talked about enough is product packaging, in spite of the fact that it’s the first tangible impression customers get of what your company can bring to the table. And then there’s the media angle, because it’s not enough to be talked about positively as a brand; you also want the press to showcase your wares in the best possible way.

In this context, innovative packaging must be prioritized over everyday alternatives, as the right set-up can spark curiosity and also bring about share-worthy moments. It’s a strategy savvy brands must leverage for maximum exposure and image enhancement—deploying intelligent design with strategic intent. So enough beating about the bush; how does this all work, and what can you do to make the most of it?

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Turning packaging into a public spectacle

It takes our brains just 13 milliseconds to process the visual info fed to them by our eyes, which is why innovative product packaging can play such a pivotal role in marketing strategies.

The unboxing trend—where consumers film and share their experience of opening a new product—has taken this concept to new heights. Here’s how transforming your packaging into a spectacle can turn customers into brand ambassadors:

  • Create an experience: Your packaging is the consumer’s first physical interaction with your product. Design it to surprise, delight, and exceed expectations.
  • Social media buzz: Platforms like Instagram and YouTube are hotbeds for unboxing videos. A cleverly packaged product can become the star of the show, encouraging organic shares and free advertising.
  • Sustainability speaks volumes: Millennial and Gen Z consumers value transparency in the brands they choose, with a 30 percent increase in the likelihood of making a sale when companies are honest about their sustainable practices. Packaging that innovates without hurting the planet is therefore a perfect accompaniment to a culture of eco-friendliness.
  • Memorable first impressions: Innovative packaging that stands out on a crowded shelf or in a social media feed helps create lasting brand recognition.

Treating your product’s unboxing as an event in its own right means you not only provide media outlets with visually engaging content but also foster immediate connection with consumers who value the experience as much as the product itself.

Packaging as a storytelling device

The packaging industry is worth $917 billion, and brands are happy to invest heavily in it because how their product looks on the outside is a major part of determining whether consumers will buy it. With packaging this powerful, it can outline everything from your company’s origins and ethos to the identity of your brand as a whole. Here’s how to do this right:

  • Consistency is key: Cohesive design elements across all products reinforce your brand identity and make your story memorable.. 
  • Details make the difference: Subtle textures, quality materials, or an unexpected shape can convey luxury, innovation, or playfulness—whichever aligns with your brand persona. So for instance if you sell products in a doob tube, adding playful copy or eye-catching wrap-around iconography that works with the contours of this particular container is advisable for maximum brand impact.
  • Beyond aesthetics: Incorporate QR codes for interactive storytelling or augmented reality features that extend the narrative beyond the box. This is easier than it sounds, as generating multimedia experiences can be done at scale by third party providers, rather than being something you have to get to grips with in-house.

In short, if you expect your packaging to be seen, it needs to have undergone extensive iterating at the design phase so that its storytelling potential isn’t left on the shelf – both figuratively and literally.

Aligning product packaging with key trendsetters

Influencer marketing is rated as impactful by 80 percent of marketers, and your product’s packaging can play a significant role in winning the advocacy of the people who set consumer trends today. Here’s how to tailor your packaging for influencers:

  • Personalization potential: Offer customizable aspects like monograms or color choices that influencers adore because it adds a personal touch highly valued by followers. This is an example of how personalization’s role in business growth is a multifaceted and potent one.
  • Gift-like appeal: Packaging that feels like a gift can create an emotional high, prompting influencers to share that positive sentiment with their audience.
  • Collaborative branding: Co-create limited edition packaging with influencers, melding your brand identity seamlessly with theirs to attract both fan bases.

When influencers align themselves with products wrapped in innovative packaging, they’re endorsing a piece of artistry that has the potential to send your brand recognition into the stratosphere. Moreover, this partnership then becomes an authentic narrative that followers—and media outlets—are eager to engage with.

Concluding thoughts

There are all sorts of facets to effective branding in contention when product promotion is on the cards, and packaging decisively deserves the attention of up and coming companies, as well as established players looking to crack new markets. Now you know why, it’s time to make it work for you, not against you.

Jessica Perkins
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