How personal is too personal? Marketers weigh in on hyper-personalization

by | Oct 2, 2018 | Marketing, Public Relations

According to new research, one third of marketers believe the use of a customers’ own pictures tops the “most important to avoid” list when personalizing ad creatives. The recent survey from mobile video platform LoopMe reveals new insights around data usage in marketing. The findings form part of the brand’s wider research into personalization, data usage and the value of data.

“Personalization can benefit consumers if done correctly—through a sensible combination of personalized creative and delivery,” said Stephen Upstone, CEO of LoopMe, in a news release. “For example, an ad that’s highly relevant for an 18-year-old could be deemed intrusive to a 55-year-old. Thoughtful use of data is vital to effective campaigns.”

The research found U.S. marketers think personalization should be used carefully to avoid compromising a consumer’s ad experience

  • 24 percent felt that including a customer’s name in visual creative should be most avoided
  • 19 percent said that including a customer’s name in audio creative should be most avoided
  • 69 percent said 18 to 24-year-olds were among the most likely to engage with personalized ads

The survey also found that marketers deemed the average lifespan of data to be 23 months (1.93 years)

The most valued forms of data were financial data (30 percent) and audience data (23 percent).

“In an era when data privacy is increasingly in the spotlight, data is more valuable than ever—so we need to ensure we are using it effectively,” said Upstone.

LoopMe and Sapio Research received 400 responses (200 US, 200 UK) from marketers working across a range of verticals, including financial, retail, FMCG, automotive and travel.  Respondents fell across different management levels: managers, directors, VP/SVPs and C-suite.

Richard Carufel
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