How the coronavirus crisis is affecting digital marketing

by | Apr 28, 2020 | Analysis, Covid-19, Public Relations

The recent coronavirus outbreak has strongly affected all life spheres and brought significant changes in people’s lifestyles. As one might expect, this has had a very powerful impact on the global economy as well. While a lot of businesses are closing down and losing their clients and profits due to the current situation, there are those business owners who are willing to use the COVID crisis opportunity and make an effort to adapt to this new situation.

The focus has been completely switched to the online aspect of doing business, and a proper digital marketing strategy has become immensely important and vital for gaining profits, attracting new clients and retaining old ones.

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So, how is coronavirus affecting digital marketing and what can we do to stay at the top of our industry? Here is a possible answer.

Immediate adaptation to the current situation is a must

The COVID -19 pandemic has suddenly made a great majority of people stay at home. They work from home, shop online, read online news, and so on. The new situation calls for immediate actionin the form of a proper organization that suits these new circumstances. As a wide range of ordinary everyday activities is now happening online, appropriate marketing campaigns should be conducted there as well.

Those who have been focused on offline marketing for years, now have to change the means of reaching their clients. While creating a campaign that guarantees satisfying results and an increase in sales requires time, you have to be quick if you want to beat out the competition. Hence, get an insight into the basic concepts of effective digital marketing and start applying your findings.

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The new situation has emphasized the importance of a proper digital marketing strategy.

Those who have already been using digital marketing to reach their target audience have to intensify their campaign. Promotional emails can be appealing to some prospects, but what is certainly effective now is using social media platforms and the potential of a proper SEO strategy.

SEO has gained significant importance

It has turned out that having an SEO strategy is even more critical during the COVID pandemic. There is a completely plausible explanation for this fact. Namely, at this very moment when offline and online consumer segments have become one, digital marketing is the only way to reach a wider audience.

More and more business owners are in search of companies that can provide them with professional digital marketing services, like Digital Dot New York for example, because only they can help them reach the top position among search engine results and stand out among other similar companies.

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SEO is now more important than ever.

Professionalism matters greatly in these difficult times

When creating a digital marketing strategy, bear in mind one very important fact: consumers are watching how brands act during the COVID crisis and make their purchasing decisions according to that. Hence, make sure you advertise some special offers for them, encourage helping the community fight the pandemic, share relevant articles on your website, etc. These are the factors a well-structured digital marketing strategy has to possess in order to be effective and appealing to prospectives.

Low CPM and CPC prices offer new opportunities

We have already stated that a great number of businesses are closing down. This situation further results in a steady decline in competition and eventually in low CPM and CPC prices. These low prices are an excellent chance for companies to gain some new clients for considerably less money than before.

While they are enjoying reading or watching the news online in their comfortable homes, the new potential clients should able to see a company’s ads advertised on these websites. Most importantly, this type of investment aimed at improving business will not harm the budget at all.

Sharing expertise should be a part of a digital marketing strategy

The situation with the COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in raised anxiety levels in many people. Now more than ever, expert advice is sought after. Consequently, sharing expertise during a digital marketing campaign is eagerly accepted.

While creating blogs on your website, make sure you share relevant experiences and opinions that will make your prospects trust you and choose your company amid severe competition.

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Make sure you share your expertise through your digital marketing campaigns.

Digital marketing has to become more personalized

One of the ways in which coronavirus is affecting digital marketing is that it is making it become much more personalized. A good, effective digital strategy now requires paying attention to customers much more closely.What makes up their everyday routine at his point? How are they handling isolation and social distancing? What do they need to hear? How should you communicate with them? These are only some of the most important questions digital marketers need to answer at this point. Only by using this approach will they be able to reach their clients and convince them their products and services are exactly what they need.

Some new changes are yet to come

The coronavirus pandemic cannot last forever. Once it comes to its end, and we all hope it will be very soon, the digital marketing strategies you use at the moment will have to change again. Remember that a successful marketer is the one with a keen eye to notice a change in trend on time, who isable to adapt to these new circumstances quickly and use the whole potential of the new opportunities. Although coronavirus is affecting digital marketing to a great extent, those who see this situation as an opportunity to test their skills, creativity, and knowledge, will be able to go through this period without major consequences.

Elizabeth Wilkens