How to inspire healthy competition among your team

by | Nov 24, 2020 | Public Relations

When it comes to cultivating a productive workplace environment, oftentimes, a bit of healthy competition can make a positive impact. Competition inspires people to strive for better and can contribute to a more focused setting for everyone. However, it would be naïve to assume that all types of competition are healthy for a workplace environment.

Your workers are part of a team. This means that they need to get along and assist one another at the appropriate times. This is why you should be looking to cultivate a healthy competition among your team that won’t become toxic or negative down the line. Furthermore, you want those working for you to have fun with some light competition. When things become too serious or carry too heavy of consequences, there is very little fun to be had in the workplace setting.

Here are a few tips to help you to inspire healthy competition among the members of your team.

Prepare wisely

Just as you would never start a biking race without first researching cyclocross bikes from Cycle Solutions, you should also not look to start a healthy competition among the members of your team without first preparing properly. You should research all aspects of the type of competition you wish to hold and see if there is anything additional that you will need to get so that all runs smoothly.

People can get a bit testy and irritated when they feel they are missing out or losing a competition because they weren’t equipped with everything they need. Such feelings can make the competitive aspect that you are trying to cultivate become sour and negative, completely defeating the purpose of having a competition in the first place. Make sure to do your research and get everything that you need so that everyone can start on the same footing.

Give rewards appropriately

If you are looking to create healthy competition at your workplace, you are going to need to have rewards in place for those who succeed. It is important to avoid rewarding disproportionately as presenting a prize that is too great can cause unhealthy tension in the workplace. Make your rewards something fun yet worthwhile so that people don’t lose interest.

Another reason that your workers might lose interest is if you fall into the trap of rewarding everyone. While giving your workers a confidence boost might seem like a good idea, those who put in the most effort and truly succeeded at the task presented will feel as though their work was a waste of time if everyone is given the same reward. It is perfectly fine to have winners and losers as long as positivity is the end result.

Be honest

One of the reasons that you are looking to hold a healthy competition is to inspire your workers to achieve more. If any members of your team are not accomplishing this goal, you need to be honest with them. Healthy competition can be a great way to bring out the best in people and identify areas that need improvement.

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